Smiley face: Jupiter, Venus and the moon

A friend texted me while I was looking for something better to do online like searching for some degree programs I could apply for.

Ed, look at the sky. Find Jupiter, Venus and the moon; they formed a smiley face in the sky.

At first, I just tried to pass it off since I was a bit busy doing my projects. But then another friend texted me about it that I had to go outside the house and check it out.

I was having a hard time looking for it since because of the roofs blocking the sky but when I was able to find it, I was in awe. I grabbed my camera and tried taking some snapshots. Unfortunately I had a hard time positioning it that it was difficult to geta good and steady shot. I just had to make do with the specs that my camera had.

It was a nice sight. At least I could see some heavenly body smiling

I don’t know which one’s Jupiter or Venus, but the moon was obvious.

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