Staying in Urban Bangkok

It’s funny because even if I stayed in Bangkok, Thailand for more than a month, I didn’t really go to as many places as possible. In fact, I was just stuck in the city, frequenting coffee shops to open my laptop and work. I was focused on doing my online jobs so I could prepare for better things in the future.

However, one thing I looked forward to everyday was the food. I was always happy with the choices that were available to me. According to my friend who now lives there, best local food are found on the streets. Since they’re found on the streets, it’s expected that the costs are also budget-friendly. This is great because I don’t really eat as often as I can but when I do, I have so many options to choose from.

thai food
Street Food, Bangkok

Towers, MRT, BTS Skytrain, buses – all these are fixtures of an urban jungle that is Bangkok. They don’t make me feel like I’m away from the busy city such as Manila. Not that I’m complaining as much, I didn’t realize that I already spent more than 30 days and developed a routine between house and work.

elephant tower
Elephant Tower, Bangkok

I should’ve gone to other places in the south, beaches probably. I know there are a lot of people going to Phuket for holidays but I guess I’ll do that some other time. Another time when I have more funds to burn and I’ve saved more money to go on a nice vacation again. At least now I still have reasons to go back to Thailand. I’ll also have something better to write about next time.

I still heart it. Smile

For now, I’m still composing a write-up about my one month’s stay in Bangkok. Hopefully, it will be like my Siem Reap’s One Month Digital Nomad blog article where I can provide an extensive review of life here. Till then.

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6 thoughts on “Staying in Urban Bangkok”

  1. @Dani: kain na! 🙂

    @Sky: hope to see you guys one of these days! I'm in Dungun but I'll be here for awhile. 🙂

    @carlosonthego: haha, Hangover was insane.

    @Pinay Travel Junkie: hope to visit India one of these days! hehe.

  2. Street food is really no.1 in Bangkok! Your first pic made me miss those Thai street foods especially the rice dish Khao Phat in which I'm so addicted during my stay there. Actually I miss all of their street foods! They are popular not only because they are cheap and tasty but they are clean and placed in maintained containers. Honestly BKK, is like Manila imagine Baclaran and Divisorie surroundings, only cleaner and pollution-free – just my honest opinion.


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