Yesterday was a hectic day for me. First thing I was presented with when I woke up are things I needed to do.

  1. Call Ashley (my former colleague during my fastfood days) and encourage her to apply to the company I’m affiliated with. She still has issues with interviews.
  2. Talk to HR about a wavemate who wants to go back to work and wants to know the process for rehires, since I couldn’t refer him.
  3. Talk to Wena and rebook her flight at an earlier time so she can join us for tonight’s trip to Surigao. I don’t know how many times I called Cebu Pacific (who were always busy).
  4. Do some TL reviews in advance since I won’t be at work the whole of next week.
  5. Since it’s the week ending, I had to do some site feedback for the center I was currently assigned.
  6. As I was about to proceed to work, the lending company where I borrowed money said that my payroll card was eaten by the machine. Sheesh. To think that this is supposed to be my last day of paying them and I could finally see my card after more than a year. Lastly,
  7. Buy a ticket to Siargao.

Fast track to Now:
I was able to call some people and get things done. Wena’s flight was rebooked, after a long process. Still haven’t talked to HR. I was able to finish my reports. As for the last two, I couldn’t work on my atm card, it will have to be the week after my leave. Good thing there’s internet banking; I can just transfer my funds. Now, I’m off to the ticketing office and hope that my bunk’s going to be near my travelmates who’ve already purchased in advance.

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2 thoughts on “stressed”

  1. you gonna surf?

    i’m learning palang how! haha. i have an officemate who’s really good, he keeps on inviting me, kaso wala lang akong time!

  2. yup yup yup! hehe.
    i’m also learning. at least the stay is very cheap on our end kasi libre na ang pagkain at upahan! hehe.


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