Submitted an Entry to 88db’s Travelog Contest

I submitted an entry to 88db’s Trip Ko, Kakaiba! Travelog Contest. I only had to create a write up of a travel experience that was beyond the usual and post it on their site. It’s one of the contests that they’re promoting and it’s directly related to my blog which is all about traveling. What’s great is that I’ve been doing the same concept here in my own space so it wasn’t that much of a hassle in creating the entry. It even reached beyond the number of characters required so I had to cut out some parts – makes me wonder if I’m really that talkative.

Anyway, the prize is composed of a 3 days, 2 nights Boracay Getaway for 2. I haven’t been to Bora and although the prize is good, I’m more interested in the recognition of having a good write-up. Of course, the all-expense paid trip isn’t bad at all.

Aside from an 88db representative, other judges include:

Jake Versoza of – a talented photographer who used to blog at which I frequently visited because of posting teaser pictures during his stint as a photographer for a male magazine.

Nina Fuentes of – a travel blogger idol as well.

The thought that these people will read my write-up is already a big deal for me as I want to be like them someday. Being a go-to person whenever people will ask for advice regarding a particular destination. It aligns with my goals that someday, I’m going to be a professional travel blogger and even get paid to travel and blog.

SoloflightEd’s Travelog Contest Entry for 88db: JUMP OFF A CLIFF IN MALAPASCUA!

88db travelog contest

Still crossing my fingers.

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