A Close Encounter with an Albino Python in Crocolandia

Disclaimer: No pythons were hurt in the process of making this blog entry. The reptile was held with care and the author advises people who love or don’t love animals to be cautious in handling them.

We were invited by The Photoblogger, EJ, to visit Crocolandia which is an animal park in Talisay, Cebu. I didn’t know what to expect but I was glad that I got to drop by this place.


It was a Saturday and we had nothing else to do so I grabbed the opportunity to see what the park could offer me. One of the highlights of the trip was being able to hold an albino python and had it coil around my body for some time. It was a good experience and I realized that not all snakes are as harmful as we think they are. It lessened the feeling of me being afraid of these creatures. The snake was heavy too.

python snake
EJ served as out Kuya Kim for that day and was very good at it too.



It was EJ who first held it and I was next. I was able to have my fair share of holding an albino python back in this year’s Sinulog 2010 but it was a lot lighter compared to this one which was really heavy (didn’t get the actual weight). After me was first timer Doi who mustered all her courage to conquer her fear. Kids even got to touch the animal which was pretty cool since they found the realization that it’s okay after all.

python snake2

Doi, curious kids, and EJ aka Kuya Kim.

When they put it on the floor, I was able to get a good close up and take a picture of the snake which was pretty cool and tense at the same time since I felt like it’s eyes preyed on me and ready to attack. So I backed off a little because I’d probably melt from too much staring. hehe.

snake eyes

I see you.

I would definitely want to have these types of moments that make a trip more special and memorable. It always makes me want to recommend it to other people. It was a good thing that the guides and caretakers were there to help us handle the python with care.

So have you had your share of staring lately?

Crocolandia is open everyday from 8am to 5pm.
For more information contact them at (032) 273 1842

Special thanks to Crocolandia, EJ and the Cebu Normal Univeristy Bio students for the experience.

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