Summer 2010: Started it Off at Apo Island

I’m on leave and this is the first time that I’ll be able to spend the week-long vacation just lounging around here in Cebu. I won’t be going any place far or really plan an out-of-town trip because I don’t have the budget… Yes, you hear me right, I’m stuck in the Queen City of the South with my laptop and just doing nothing because I don’t have moolah to spend. Because of unplanned budgets cropping up at the last minute, I’m going to stay in the city and do my best to save, save, save.

I feel sorry knowing that I could do something more useful with the time off but then I realized that because I have this other job, I might still be busy all throughout. It would’ve been nice to cause I was planning to spend the days either in Davao or Manila but again, I don’t have the money –> how many times have I stressed this?

I got a 7-day pass though from Fitness First in Ayala so I’ll devote my time working out to have some form of physical activity going for me.

Anyhow, I can’t believe that it’s already summer. It’s the end of March and the rays of the sun is really overwhelming me that I tend to hang out in cafes and other wifi hotspots in Cebu to beat the heat. I’ll probably just spend most of the time here in Hebrews Cafe in IT Park since this is the best spot to get some wifi connection.

I’ll be posting my spur-of-the-moment trip to Apo Island in Negros Oriental and how got to that wonderful place next. apo island picture

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