Mantayupan Falls in Barili Cebu

March 6, 2010
Mantayupan Falls
Barili, Cebu

CVG Hulagway Photography Club

Went to Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu, together with other members of my company photo club just to hang out for our first Photo Walk.

Tried to wait for everybody to converge in IT Park. The 8am schedule turned 2 hours late . Still, it’s a good thing that it pushed through in order for us to learn more about how to take pictures while beating the summer heat.

mantayupan falls mantayupan falls

riding an SUV to Mantayupan Falls.

It took some time gather ourselves together because everybody had been busy due to having different shifts in this nocturnal industry but we were able to meet around 10am. We cancelled the van that we were planning to hire since there were only a few of us. We headed South of Cebu but first dropped by Carcar town in order to eat lunch with their famous lechon.

mantayupan falls mantayupan falls mantayupan falls

sign, map and paying our entrance fees.

P20.00 – for the car parking
P10.00 – per person

I’m not really able to come up with some how-to’s on getting to Mantayupan Falls since I fell asleep during the whole ride so I apologize to the readers who may want to get more details on how to get to this place.

  mantayupan fallsmantayupan falls mantayupan falls

four small falls.

After we stepped off from the car, we walked just a couple of minutes to the first four falls. Unlike Kawasan, it didn’t take us long to reach the waters. We saw a lot of people there enjoying the water when I remembered that it’s summer and the El Nino couldn’t have come at a better time.

mantayupan falls mantayupan falls mantayupan falls

stairs to Mantayupan Falls

It was a short trek and the view was great. It’s just that I don’t know what came over us on why we didn’t even bother taking a dip in the water when it was really hot. We were planning to just go to Moalboal and catch the sunset initially but we were pressed with time.

mantayupan falls mantayupan falls

cool waters in Barili

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

enjoying the view

It would’ve been better still if we were able to swim but it’s too late to complain. What we did was just head back to the entrance and ordered some drinks in order to cool ourselves from the heat. We also had fun with the videoke machine that was ready for us to use.

mantayupan falls mantayupan falls mantayupan falls

random snaps

mantayupan falls Photobucket

the ever staple videoke machine. bring in the booze!

This was our first photo walk and I didn't know what to expect. It was good because I was able to hang out with fellow photo enthusiasts which gives a certain fulfillment for being able to go out with people who share the same interest as you. There's no problem even if you don't see each other often at work since you are passionate about the same thing.

cvg hulagwayphoto courtesy of Ethel

I didn’t know that this was actually my way of starting the summer as I made a decision to head straight to Apo Island in Negros Oriental. It was only a couple of hours away for us to head to Dumaguete and what a spur-of-the-moment decision it was since I didn’t file foe leave come Monday. Will be discussing more on our trip to Apo Island on my next post.

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19 thoughts on “Mantayupan Falls in Barili Cebu”

  1. I missed Mantayupan so much! especially the people from there. 🙂 ill be back by April and hope to meet all my friends in Barili! nice Article anyway 🙂

    • @adventurousfeet: kawasan is one of the more accessible places dito sa cebu. after kawasan, you can head to the beach for moalboal! 😀

  2. its nice na place to go to…mau pani nga laing lugar kabalo man nga naa diay nga nice nga lugar…im from Carcar but i never know nga nag exist diay ni ang mantayupan……

  3. ask ko lng, meron bang matutuluyan o bahay kubo man lng for rental sa mantayupan falls? den how much each room? coz wer planning to go there for 3 days.

  4. sna naman linisin yung daan dyan kasi masyadong madulas. noong pumunta kami dyan kasama nang pamilya ko 4 na beses akong nadulas…. and dami kong sugat at pasa sa katawan ko…. please lang pakilinis naman ng daanan ny dyan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. super ang sarap maligo sa mantayupan falls, ang sakit ng binti ko papunta sa itaas super talaga at kagagaling lang namin diyan kanina/ May 1 2012, so scerey,  but  malapit ako madulas at kasama ko nadulas na nga,  sana ma improve pa ninyo diyan pagbalik namin sana hindi na ganyan kasi nakaka stress kapag madulas ka  … …..thank you  dahil nag enjoy kami muahhhhhh3x

  6. blogger ask lng ko ang mantayupan falls bah still working? because somebody told me nah wla na dw nag agas ang tubig sa falls? how true? we plan to go in mantayupan falls this coming APRIL….do you have a contact # didto sa mantayupan falls sa nag manage didto? thanx………..


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