Sunrise in Malapascua Island Cebu

It’s been a year since I first visited the island of Malapascua in Cebu. Up to now, I haven’t written a good blog entry about it sans for the time when I was able to jump off a 50-foot cliff – read article here.

I don’t think I’ll be able to write a better account any time soon so let me just share one of the good things that happened when I spent a day on this island. On a December, I witnessed a beautiful sunrise.

cebu malapascua photo
getting ready to steer the boat

Woke up at dawn as I worked on some freelance tasks to beat a deadline my employer imposed. After finishing the job, I stepped out and decided to take a dip. However, I ran back to our room and grabbed my camera when I saw a stream of light surfacing behind mountains from afar.

malapascua photo

Seeing the sun rise, I saw students already boarding a boat that would take them to the mainland. How many days are there in a school year for them to get up, prepare and commute using a boat? Not that I felt sorry but it made me reflect on things I should’ve been thankful for.

malapascua sunrise
boats to mainland Cebu

All the times I complained about commuting made me shut up when I saw this scene. The feeling of guilt turned into admiration for these children who had to wake up unusually early just to get to school on time.

island cebu
waiting for the boat to fill up, it’s all in a day’s work.

Observing a beautiful play as colors switched to orange from plum, I continued my affair with the sun as it had slowly risen to bring forth light to a new day.

sun malapascua
If I could just pick you up. Unfortunately, you’re not my nose.

Malapascua, it was a year when I met you. A year, when you captivated me and I felt at peace. I long for you. I said I’ll come back, I said I’ll return. How long must you wait? I promise you; just not now.

Malapascua Island is located 4 hours North of Cebu.

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22 thoughts on “Sunrise in Malapascua Island Cebu”

  1. haha 1 year bago nag-post! parang ako lng! haha pero talo tau ni estan, 6 years bago na-post yung Batanes! ;p
    I'm so curious about Malapascua tlga, it's gonna be on top of my list when I get to visit Cebu nxt year! yahu!
    Like I said before, I love the sunset and yeah, the last line is sorta poetic, parang in-lab ka tsong! *wink*
    Shut up nlng gael. haha  

  2. @Marky: it depends. i liked Malapascua better because it's calmer. Their electricity is on shifts as they don't have full supply of it. Malapascua pa rin ako. kahit malayo 😀

    @Ron: a reader went to Malapascua only for a day, uwi agad pagkagabi. but i suggest you stay there overnight! 

    @gael: haha, 6 years… sige, may 5 years pa ako bago ko mapost ang malapascua entry. hehe. I like Malapascua cause it's peaceful. they say it's a Mini Boracay pero somehow the sand wasn't as fine as i thought. but i love the place though. visit ka na dito sa Cebu! hehe. inLab? hahaha. sino naghahanap kaya nun? haha

    @doi: toinks. one of the things you should do next year! or before this year ends?

    @fetus: haha. ill probably retire in siargao, but these two are really different. mas laidback pa rin ang malapascua.

    @james: thanks james! that's what i said when i first saw this. i ran to get my camera and it was a good thing i researched ahead on how to take photos of the sun 😀

    @dani: indeed it was! punta ka dito cebu! hehe

  3. Ganda ng sunrise wwwaaaa! Walang clouds! Galing bilog na bilog! That makes me think na walang pollution jan?
    I have post in Cebu din na one year na hindi ko pa napost hehehe!! Nakakaoverwelmed kasi, parang gusto mong ikeep secret na lang 😛

    • @Dani: didn’t know there are many places worth exploring here. bilisan mo! hehe 😀

      @Ada: yan din nasabi ko sa sarili when I saw this sun. Walang pollution talaga. hehe. This is an island 4 hours from the main city of Cebu. haha. onga. that’s the beauty of Malapascua kasi, very tranquil. 😀 post mo na Cebu trip mo! Hehe.

      @Anton: sunrise toh anton. hehe. parang sunset lang noh? hehe. thanks! I had to search sa Google kung pano magshoot nun. hehe. pero nakalimutan ko na rin.

  4. I don't what know what it is in the atmosphere east of Malapascua but the sunrise there happens to be one of the best I've seen in the Philippines. Napakaganda ano? I do hope the simple folks haven't changed. It was 2000 when I went there. Do they still have no roads and no cars?

  5. One of my goals in 2011 is to spend a few days in Cebu. Gusto ko sana in time for Sinulog pero it's too late for that. Hopefully I can catch Sinulog in 2012 before I leave Pinas. T_T
    Your cliff jump photos look soooo terrifying. Wahahahaha. May lugar pa ba sa Pilipinas na hindi mo napuntahan? Hahahaha.

    • @nomadic pinoy: yeah, i was so glad to see this sunrise at that time. the place is still calm and serene so it was such a nice experience to have this as the backdrop of the laidback atmosphere. no roads and no cars still 😀

      @smarla: you better visit the provinces as well! mas maraming magagandang lugar!

      @robbie: pasyal ka dito sa cebu! hehe. if you want to appreciate Cebu, try to do it when it’s not so peak. hehe. para di magulo. Wow, where are you going?

      The cliff jump is indeed scary but no fear tayo! Marami pang lugar ang di ko napuntahan dito sa Pinas. 😀

  6. My friends and I will be going to Cebu this March. We got a seat sale from Cebu Pacific, and we are all planning to visit Malapascua.
    Wow! This is what I see in Malapascua. Can't wait. Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. yey! I finally saw the captivating sunrise of Malapascua. Sunset lang nakita ko dun e…  Not a morning person (palusot ng mga tamad gumising) . hahah! Uber nice… may kwento bawat pic. Nakaka-miss tuloy.

  8. Never been to Cebu but this June pupunta kami, so forget na ung common tourist spots like bantayan at virgin island.
    Malapascua at Camotes Island talaga… Huhu can't choose kung alin sa dalawa.
    Kaya ba puntahan  both? :p 


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