survey: 50 firsts

1. 1st school you attended:
–stella maris academy of davao

2. 1st friend you had when you entered school?
–can’t remember

3. 1st ambition:
–to be an architect (but i hate drawing!)

4. 1st award you received:
–3rd honor sa nursery… in chinese (hehe)..

5. 1st hero:

6. 1st time you were sent to the principal for disciplinary actions:
–2nd year highskul! (went to the beach together with my brother’s
batch(they were 4th year) since we joined them in their victory party
after the intramurals… (long story) and we were tasked to clean the

7. 1st time you failed in school:
–failed in a subject? none.. but i failed in the philippine science
high school… it haunts me up to now. 🙁

8. 1st college entrance exam you took:
–usp – so easy.

9. 1st teacher in college:
–gng. rosario agcang (filipino teacher) pinaringgan pa nga ako kasi
naka-shorts tskaka slippers lang ako… —sigh— wish i were in a
skul with no rules of what to wear and what not to where…

10. 1st job:
–jobee!!! but on a two-day basis, last 4th year high… while my
batchmates were in bohol having their ‘educational’ field trip, some
of us who were left were pretty damn busy selling unsold tickets in a
highschool raffle to people we didn’t even know…

11. 1st goal you achieved:
–being a representative in our grade 1 section in reciting a poem
about soldiers… i can still remember the title with me shivering in
front of the microphone: “and sundalo” bow… (got 3rd place though
(that’s why my favorite number’s 3)

12. 1st crush:
–a grade 2 classmate, name’s nicole…

13. 1st person who gave you flowers:

14. 1st date:
–group date… haha…

15. 1st boyfriend / girlfriend:
–none. (i’m sure amia’s going to laugh at this)

16. 1st kiss:
–mother.. (haha)

17. 1st movie you watched with a bf / gf:
–what’s up with these qs? (lol)

18. 1st fight with a bf / gf:
–nuf said about this.

19. 1st break-up:

20. 1st time you cheated on your bf / gf:

21. 1st gift you received from a bf / gf:
–(amia’s really gonna knock her socks of this…

22. 1st gift you gave to a bf / gf:
–sobra na ‘to! hehe… (but to a crush?… a chocolate bar and a
card… (teka, mahal yung chocolate ha!) hehe…

23. 1st record you bought:

24. 1st song you sang infront of many people:

25. 1st musical instrument you learned to play:
–flute… but always love to learn how to play the piano.

26. 1st concert you watched:
–it was a school presentation.

27. 1st celebrity you saw in person:
–andrew e.

28. 1st TV show you really liked:
–eat bulaga! haha..

29. 1st book you bought:
–archie comics… (but with my own cash, the little prince, gave it
to a friend)

30. 1st sport you played:
–basketball, with the dribbling and stuffs at the back of our
house… but it sort of wasted away, i’m a badminton boy now.

31. 1st sleepover:
–my cousin’s, when we were little, we always want to sleep at their
house coz of their sega computer.

32. 1st terrible fight:
–1st year high, but the problem was i couldn’t fight back, she’s a
girl… lol… really, couldn’t do much but just act like she wasn’t
there… pero parati kasing nagpapansin sa’kin. me crush siguro…

33. 1st prank:
–using the telephone and banging it when someone answers (ouch!)
mukhang nakarma nga siguro ako kasi i worked as a telephone operator
sa jobee noon.

34. 1st inaanak:
–wala pa…

35. 1st debut party you attended:
–same. la pa. got no friends here… 🙁

36. 1st time you entered a bar:
–2nd year… haha… (my nightlife’s a complete diasaster.)

37. 1st bestfriend:

38. 1st wedding you attended:
–my uncle’s, i was the ring bearer… (i always get to be the ring bearer.)

39. 1st person who greeted you on your last birthday:
–none. ‘cept for the family.

40. 1st friend in friendster:
–mimi reyes.

41. 1st time you got lost:
–Datu complex in agdao before… i cried going home and waited for my
mother who’s also with me in there… sure got a scolding why i just
ran off… (well, i thought that i was lost.)

42. 1st cellphone:

43. 1st cellphone ringtone:

44. 1st collection:
–ngayong year lang, i’m trying to collect caps of the fastfoods i’ve
been in… so far jobee pa lang… obviously.. hehe.

45. 1st time you felt proud of yourself:
–when people would compare my grades with my older brother and cousin
(it’s a sibling rivalry thing)

46. 1st time you saw a ghost:
–none. hopefully, never!

47. 1st rollercoaster ride:
–sa world’s of fun sa mall sa manika… hehe..

48. 1st time you tried smoking:
–can’t remember… but i’m pretty sure i was really little… perhaps prep??

49. 1st alcoholic drink you had:
–san mig! in grade 5, somewhere in antipolo… with my father and his friends

50. 1st time you spent the night alone:
–never pa.
posted Thursday, 29 July 2004

A visitor made this comment,
“i’m sure amia’s going to laugh at this”
why do i hear this often? do i laugh that much? haha. ok lang yan,
you’ll meet your match din. you’re still young pa naman, plenty of
time to get your heart broken. hehehe. jk. and no, i refuse to accept
na ‘gastos’ lang kaming mga babae.


comment added :: 29th July 2004, 17:51 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
haha. dadating din ang sakit ng ulo sa buhay mo. 🙂

comment added :: 30th July 2004, 08:41 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
hehehe..slow ko talaga nun i found out the meaning of crush mga grade
four na yata ako…late bloomer ba lol
take care

comment added :: 31st July 2004, 13:10 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
funnneeee! edz, time will come, you’ll meet the girl who will change
all that you know and all that you think is real. lolz.. am just
blabbering. hope you dont become a “love fool” like most people i
know, (me?!). take care friend!
nix []

comment added :: 31st July 2004, 16:42 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
Sobrang bait mo pala ed! 😀

comment added :: 2nd August 2004, 17:17 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
at the beginning of the survey i was impressed.. smart kid na mabait
na mejo artistic pa (architect, flute, little prince).. tapos nauwi sa
smoking and drinking??!! toink!! 🙂

comment added :: 25th August 2004, 10:45 GMT+08

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