Haha! Finally got a good 11 hours of sleep! I’ve never shut my eyes like this in a very long time, even on weekends which are my days off. It feels good to wake up not feeling groggy and cranky for a change. I’m trying to reply to commentators who have questions regarding the trips … Read more

Camotes Island

The day after our Pandanon island trip, I joined another group of people who were off to Camotes island. At first, I didn’t want to take part in the outing because one: I don’t have enough cash. two: I’ve already been to Camotes and three: I’m already tired from the previous outing in Pandanon But … Read more

Pandanon & Camotes Islands

Since the weather was good, our outing pushed through. We went to Pandanon Island last Saturday, and also joined another outing to Camotes from Sunday-Monday. Right now, I’m just dead-tired since it’s back to a 5-day workweek. Sheesh. I still have to upload the pictures. Good luck to me then.

still planning it out

We're going to have an outing within our department. I don't exactly know where we're heading off to. We've been debating whether it would be in Camotes, Bantayan, Malapascua, Pandanon or some nearby beach. Considering that the budget isn't that big, we're a bit restricted. There are about 30 people who'll be participating, so we … Read more