Santiago Bay Resort in Camotes Island

I have been to Santiago Bay Resort in Camotes Island twice. This happened in two separate team building activities in 2007 and 2008. There was only a year’s difference between the two instances but I saw a number of developments being done. This was the resort’s aim to accommodate more guests and to enjoy what Camotes can offer.


Santiago Bay in Camotes

santiago bay resorthigh tide

I remember my colleagues who searched online for more information about Camotes Santiago Bay Resort and when they forwarded pictures of the place to us, I was captivated by the long stretch of sand. When we reached the island, the water was still high but we had a view that overlooked the sea which was great.


camotes water
Santiago Bay Resort

santiago bay resort santiago bay
view from the resort, room

Even if the water was up, we strolled around this Camotes island resort and found that there’s more to it than sand. Rocks are abound and there are passages to check out what you can see on the island.

santiago bay camotesrocks

The second time I was there, we saw some sea jellies on the water. I was close enough to take a good picture of it without getting stung. My other friend said that when they visited Camotes, the water was also clear but they didn’t see these creatures so I guess like the weather, it’s seasonal.

 camotes santiago santiago bay
jelly fish, sand and toes (yes, they’re big)

There are other activities you can do in Camotes island such as go caving at Bukilat Cave in Tudela or visit Lake Danao in the San Francisco town. On our end, we just stayed in the island resort because we wanted to get some rest and relaxation since we came from our shifts at work.

Camotes Santiago Bay Resort During Low Tide

You can experience the beauty of Santiago Bay in Camotes Island when it’s low tide as you can really see the very long stretch of white sand present which was what I anticipated for.

santiago bay resort camotes islands
sand and rocks

santiago bay resort camotes

Those rock formations on the side of the cliff come alive during low tide and you can see another face of this island. We took a lot of pictures because of the wonderful and unique backdrop then.

water camotesanother perspective of this Philippine island

put your hands in the air!

I also saw some Youtube videos about skimboarding and I was still learning the sport at this time. This is one of the perfect places for skimming as the sand is powdery white and when you fall, it doesn’t really hurt. You can skim in the puddles of water formed because of the low tide. I was a beginner back then (and still up to now).


camotes resortEdwin aka “fetus” of

camotes sand P9154319 camotes waters
jump shots!

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort also has another resort in Camotes called Mangodlong Resort which is owned by the same people; but I’ll be writing a separate entry for that.

Camotes is located northeast of Cebu City. Click on this link on how to get to Camotes from Cebu:  Going to Camotes

For more information, you can check out their website at:

More photos here: soloflightEd goes to Camotes Island

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    • @fetus: haha, i got stung too, but it was only a small spot unlike jezrel’s… kampat kaayo. hehe

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  1. hi.. my hubby put me in-charge of choosing where to spend our 6th monthsary.. out first date was in mangodlong.. dats where we fell inlove.. haha.. kinda like going back to camotes and thinking of going to santiago resort pero hesitant kc baka mas maganda ang mangodlong but ur pics proved otherwise.. so santiago na kami for sure.. hehe.. thanks

    • hi jecka: thanks for dropping by! check it out again, it usually depends on the season, but both resorts are owned by the same people so no worries on how great they are. just check out santiago bay resort as their sands (when low-tide) are great because of the long stretch. in any case, you can just shift back and forth! thanks for dropping by! 😀

  2. hii. i would like to ask how much is the fare from the terminal going to the port?  how muuch was the fare of the roro? thnkx! 

  3. i had a great love  story in this beautiful place that is worth reminiscing. Although our love story did not end like a fairy tale but gives more colors and sunshine in my life of having the fruit of our love. I love him and always will. 


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