about school

Was glad that this week didn’t turn up as hell-ish as I assumed it would. I got a special project in Hist15 wherein I don’t have to submit a report about Family History (I’d have to trace my roots from at least 3 generations). I just have to present whatever I can with what I … Read more

estudyante blues

back to school. as usual, guess will always be till eternity, a late enrollee. didn’t know that it could be such a hassle. especially if there’re more than one campus to go to and fro for the processing of requirements. i’m still lucky for availing a schedule that a few people would actually drool over. … Read more

my course…

hello again! here I am now… still typing something while in ourlaboratory. this afternoon i fell asleep while reading a computerbook (i forgot the title), and upon waking up, got mosquito bites onmy neck. i’m trying to learn HTML so i can design my own web page.but i’m no guru or anything. i still don’t … Read more