my course…

hello again! here I am now… still typing something while in our
laboratory. this afternoon i fell asleep while reading a computer
book (i forgot the title), and upon waking up, got mosquito bites on
my neck. i’m trying to learn HTML so i can design my own web page.
but i’m no guru or anything. i still don’t know much about the
internet but i can assure that i won’t get lost. otherwise, there’s
always that Back button on the toolbar.

anyway, I didn’t expect that anyone would actually read my entry. and
I couldn’t even believe it! (mind my ignorance will you?) there, i saw
2 simple comments, how pathetic can i get? anyhow i want to thank
these two people. thank you next_planet and also to manofmars and
sorry, i’m not from UP (though I wish I could be). i never thought
that someone would actually read my blogs. i’m just typing my
thoughts so in the future; i can reminisce on what happened in this
day or that…

i am now a college student, a freshman, studying at USP in cebu. i
still don’t know what i actually want to be in life. i would’ve liked
to take a course that involves media or could’ve tried my luck in
business administration though. nursing also entered my mind because i
wanted to be with my classmates since most of the peeps in our batch
(and i guess in every batch whatever school you are in the
Philippines) are taking this course. but the last one suddenly became
a no-no. that’s all thanks to my brother who is still up to now,
teasing me on why it entered my mind; which leaves me regretting of
ever mentioning it to him. so now i’m taking up engineering. why?
aside from math being my favorite subject, my father told me that I
could learn a lot of things… really, i’m serious. He said that it’s a
very broad course. heck I don’t even know what an engineer does! even
so, i took his words as a challenge and wanted to test myself if i can
pass. but i don’t have any grudge with my father to clear your mind…

posted Friday, 26 September 2003

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