kicked off summer in Davao

Just arrived to Cebu from Davao. After 10 years, 10 effin' years, I was able to visit the place where I spent my childhood. Things have really become different, but in a good way. I used to hang out with my cousins a lot. But due to circumstance, there was always that big gap in … Read more

seeing my cousins after 10 years

I saw my cousins again… after 10 years. 10 effin’ years is a lot. We went to The Outpost on a weekend and had some good time. It was my brother who took us there. My brother who has changed a lot ever since we started working in the same company. He seems more outgoing … Read more

daniel my brother…

i’m trying to type this entry as fast as i can for i’m in the middleof our drawing class (uh, i hate drawing!)… and since our instuctorisn’t so strict, my brother and i tried to sneak in here. and that’swhat i like about college. basically, i can attend classes whenever iwant to… forgive me for … Read more