daniel my brother…

i’m trying to type this entry as fast as i can for i’m in the middle
of our drawing class (uh, i hate drawing!)… and since our instuctor
isn’t so strict, my brother and i tried to sneak in here. and that’s
what i like about college. basically, i can attend classes whenever i
want to… forgive me for saying that. but i can’t stand doing
paperwork for 6 whole hours! from 8am to 2pm. and here’s the worse
part. we also have our nstp {national service training program} in the
afternoon form 1-5pm! won’t they give us a break? we don’t even have
time for lunch!

by the way, my brother and i have the same course. and we’re
classmates! how’d you like that? in truth, i don’t. he is supposed to
be a sophomore now coz he underwent first year already. it’s a long
story… to make it short, AMA (yes the computer school where jolina,
the actress-slash-singer-slash-performer-slash-entrepreneur, proudly
said:”the school of today!”) won’t accredit him to the 2nd level for
we couldn’t pay his tuition (bastards!). so he went back to first year
again. what a waste of time! good thing that he didn’t go wild or left
himself be surrounded by hatred because of it. but now, we’re both
suffering. you see, we’re not very close… the first few weeks were
pure torture for both of us. i didn’t have the nerve of raising my
hand in class for it felt awkward being in the same room and with the
same classmates as him. but we couldn’t just be like that for the rest
of the semester… sooner or later, we had to overcome our differences
and adjust to our situation. and now, we’re okay (though there still
some things left unsettled). oh well, the bright side is at least
we’re in school studying (this is really lame, is what i’m doing here
studying? hehehehe…). but don’t argue, i give good grades to my

that’s it for now…

posted Saturday, 27 September 2003

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