Podcast Interview with Gael of ThePinaySoloBackpacker.com

As I’ve discussed in one of my travel blog projects, I planned on conducting interviews with fellow travel bloggers. Now, after how many hours of reading through editing tutorials, I’m ready to launch my interview project in the form of a podcast file. Introducing…

soloflighted sessions podcast

SoloFlightEd Sessions

This idea was inspired by Flipnomad wherein I was featured in his ‘Meet the Nomads‘ section of his website. I wanted to hear the voices behind these travel bloggers so I thought about recording our conversation in the process.

Although a number of bloggers have already started podcasting, it took me some time to set this up due to lack of confidence and insecurities. I prefer to write than talk. But I realized that we all have to go out of comfort zones in order to develop ourselves and our passions.

Gael of ThePinaySoloBackpacker.com

First up, I have Gael of ThePinaySoloBackpacker.com. I had her in mind because she’s one of first travel bloggers I met during a free trip to Boracay and I wanted to start this podcast with somebody I’m comfortable talking to.

Gael inĀ Palaui Island cove
photo by Angel

Of course, I also love her blog. A Filipina who travels solo with a backpack, it just proves how much spunk this Pinay has. She also has a way of capturing her audience when she narrates her stories in her articles.

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