Podcast Interview with Gael of ThePinaySoloBackpacker.com

As I’ve discussed in one of my travel blog projects, I planned on conducting interviews with fellow travel bloggers. Now, after how many hours of reading through editing tutorials, I’m ready to launch my interview project in the form of a podcast file. Introducing…

soloflighted sessions podcast

SoloFlightEd Sessions

This idea was inspired by Flipnomad wherein I was featured in his ‘Meet the Nomads‘ section of his website. I wanted to hear the voices behind these travel bloggers so I thought about recording our conversation in the process.

Although a number of bloggers have already started podcasting, it took me some time to set this up due to lack of confidence and insecurities. I prefer to write than talk. But I realized that we all have to go out of comfort zones in order to develop ourselves and our passions.

Gael of ThePinaySoloBackpacker.com

First up, I have Gael of ThePinaySoloBackpacker.com. I had her in mind because she’s one of first travel bloggers I met during a free trip to Boracay and I wanted to start this podcast with somebody I’m comfortable talking to.

Gael in Palaui Island cove
photo by Angel

Of course, I also love her blog. A Filipina who travels solo with a backpack, it just proves how much spunk this Pinay has. She also has a way of capturing her audience when she narrates her stories in her articles.

soloflighted sessions with thepinaysolobackpacker

Please click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the Podcast:

What is your primary goal why you set up your travel blog?

It’s actually meant to be a memento, just a personal travel blog. I want something that I can read after 20 years or so and remember how I put myself to be in that place at that moment.

But as time goes by, I realize that I’m not just writing for myself or to share my travel memories with my friends and family. But I want to help and inspire fellow travelers like me and I want to inspire Filipinas to travel even if it means traveling solo.

Are there any tips you’d like share to those who are hesitant to go out and explore the world?

Life is too beautiful and too short to spend it safely at the four corners of your room. I suggest you get out, trust your instincts and keep the faith alive.

Just keep exploring.


So there were technical glitches and I still have to work on verbal collisions and communicating more effectively. Plus, it would be nice to add music in between (I wish Ron can provide a tip or two with the transitioning between phases in the recording). But this is still the start and I’ll progress along the way. I’m just happy that it’s finally published.

I would like to thank Gael for supporting me with this project even if we were initially too ‘shy’ and ‘conservative’ to talk. We still are though. ;p

Thanks Gael!


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51 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Gael of ThePinaySoloBackpacker.com”

  1. Love this part: "That's the end of my set…." Parang vocalist sa banda lang ah. Hehe. Sweet ng voice ni Gael. Bagay sa writing style nya. Now I can read her posts with her own voice. 🙂

  2. woooohooooo!finally congrats ed!
    Twas really a breakthrough in travel blogging. Im so proud f you. and yeah ate gael is the perfect guest in your "pilot episode" 
    Looking forward for more, I cant wait for Kuya Angel and Plif.

  3. Good answers….specially the part " Life is too beautiful and too short to spend it safely at the four corners of your room. I suggest you get out, trust your instincts and keep the faith alive."
    that's a good thing that you do that Ed. Hope many will inspires and learn to explore our country and the world. I'd be gladly to see more Pinoy backpackers & one day meet them abroad.

  4. @AJ: nakakapressure ang term na 'blogstar'. haha. thanks for listening! galing ni gael di ba? 😀

    @robbie: kelangan, kelangan kumita. haha. yep, had her in mind talaga cause I know I'll be at ease asking her questions 😀

    @ron: paturo ng mga mixing2x and transition between phases one of these days ron! bilib ako sa video editing skills mo. hehe. galing sumagot ni gael di ba?

    @lakwatsera de primera: haha, kasama pala ako. thanks claire! hope ma interview din kita one of these days! 😀

    @jake: thanks jake! paturo ng mga mixes din next time! need to think of a cool intro. hehe

    @darwin: thanks darwin! finally talaga! I definitely have those bloggers in mind! ikaw rin one of these days! 😀

    @tinathefrustratedtraveler: haha DJ ba? lol. Pinay na Pinay si gael. hinhin yung tawa di ba? hehe

    @BON: thanks,

    @eric: si gael na ang Binibining Pilipinas contestant! 😀 thanks!

    @renevic: haha, eee, i, ayy, AAA, Ah, Oh, Uh, ooooo. lol. thanks!

    @JoMi: this has actually been done by a lot na pero thanks pa rin! 

  5. washu!!!! nice…ang galing and nice neutral accent (naks!) i like how gael says "you know" haha
    congrats Eds very good talaga ang project na 'to…patent mo na 'to…ikaw ang nauna! 

  6. I hope it's not always "senior" bloggers you'd interview. Would love to hear from newbies with kick-ass blogs too, like Lauren Gaile. 🙂

  7. @supertikoy: maraming salamat jerome! at least now it's finally here after how many months of conceptualizing it. hehehe. patent talaga? may mauuna pa siguro nang video blogging pero what the heck, kanya-kanyang trip lang toh. hehe. 😀

    @dylan: thanks Dylan! hope to share more conversations with ALL travel bloggers. 😀

    @AJ: haha, first dapat mainterview din kita AJ! I'll be interviewing anybody who wants to be interviewed. Pero I'll prepare tissue na naman pag kayo ni Lauren ang maiinterview ko. 😀

  8. So kailangan talaga may accent?! hahah! Super na-aliw ako dito Ed. Feeling ko si Joe d' Mango lang at mga kwentong pag-ibig niya. ^_^ Kidding. Congrats! Ang cool. I'm sure it'll be a hit. btw, both of you have a very nice voice. At least I now know the voice behind the blogs.
    Wait, isang take lang ba to? lol! Walang ulitan? Ako ang kinakabahan para kay Gael. hihih! I'd like to congratulate her as well. Pang beauty queen nga ang sagot.. Sana dinugtungan niya ng "World Peace" sa dulo. hihihihi!

  9. Hi Ed,
    See! I told you, they'll like it! 🙂 Sorry pala late ko na nabasa to, kararating ko lang kase. I'm speechless. haha
    Well, I guess we talk naman almost everyday so nasabe ko na siguro sayo lahat pero cge uulitin ko uli at dagdagan ko pa ng konte. haha
    First of all, thank you kase dahil sayo natuto ako mag-skype! haha joke Seriously, thanks for  picking me as your  "guinea pig" for this project, your  trust in me means a lot. 🙂 I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for you. Thank you! Sorry for being stubborn and moody, and thank you for being so patient and kind. More power on this project! I love your voice, you know that. 😉
    Happy blogging!  Amishue much…we'll see you soon!

  10. @batang lakwatsero: haha. radyo talaga? si gael, ganda ng accent di ba? 😀

    @mhe-anne: thanks a lot atty! 😀

    @kura: haha. lol joe d'mango, kakatakot magbigay ng love advice nyan! haha. this was what I wanted to do, para mapakinggan yung boses. hehe. daming take nito kaya! haha. that's why I chose a recording lang. kasi palyado ako pag Live, I stutter a lot. Pero baka some time, I'll just let it record naturally. 😀 yes, ganda ng mga sagot ni gael di ba? 😀

    @crazysexyfuntraveler: thanks a lot! 😀

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: we learn something new everyday gael, mabuti na rin at makapagskype ka na! haha. really gael, you were my choice talaga cause I wouldn't have done this if it weren't for you as well! 😀 daming na kavogue daw sa boses natin. haha. hope to see you soon! thanks for reminding me about Angel's photo ;p

    @marx: haha, daming cuts kaya parang walang mali-mali. haha. thanks for listening marx!

  11. Great interview! It's nice to hear Ed and Gael in one interview. May alternate career pala itong si Ed eh! 😛 Ang cute ng voice ni Ate Gael <3 Keep it up, Ed! 😀

  12. @flipnomad: thanks flip! looking forward to interviewing you soon! 😀

    @eileen: thanks eileen! pressure na rin toh! lol. hehe. 😀

    @micamyx: haha, frustrated jockey kaya tayo. lol. hahaha. ikaw na sa sunod mica! 😀

  13. I am uber excited with this interview,  Having the chance to hear your voices is awesome!. I love Gael, how she put into writings her experiences on the road..and Ed hands up dude! Kudos!!!

  14. @diamond R: thanks for listening to the podcast!

    @shey: that's why I chose her, she's one of my favorite travel bloggers 😀 thanks shey! 😀

    @tj: sensya, she's not allowed to disclose any information about it. that's why it took me some time to at least probe, but I didn't prod further anymore. 😀

  15. @christian: really nice that she agreed to my request. 😀

    @tripper10: haha, DJ talaga? mabuti naman ang narinig mo na boses ni gael! 😀

    @chyng: haha, chyng! iinterviewhin ko  pa si Ron! Ikaw ang sunod! 😀

  16. Ang gaganda ng mga boses nyo 🙂 Para akong nakikinig sa radio. hehe. Congrats for introducing this podcast session Ed. It was really interesting to finally hear the voice behind travel bloggers. Keep it up! 🙂 

  17. i was with Chyng during the weekend and she mentioned me about this.

    galing ni Ga-el. tiyaga mo Ed para gumawa nito. di nga talaga malilimutan yung nangyari sa palau.

  18. @lovely: wow, thanks lovely! my main point exactly, nakaka intriga talaga how people's voices sound like in real life. 😀

    @fetus: haha, amaw ka dwin! haha

    @dong ho: haha, tagal na tong idea na toh sa utak ko. kaya ayun, at least napublish ko na. ngayong, kelangan ko nang ipagpatuloy toh. pressure na! hahaha. kayo sunod ni chyng, gawa pa ako ng mga questions para sa inyo! 😀

  19. @escapemanila: Hi, thanks for informing me about it! I tried to change the capitalization on one of the letters. Didn't realize that even changing the size of the letter would break the link! hehe. it's now fixed 😀

  20. You're so Cool, kailangan talaga may accent, hehe, ang galing naman, very entertaining ang way of blogging, hindi boring. Keep it up.


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