Team Keith

I never thought I’d miss the people I’ve been with for the past 8 months. My team; it’s good to know that even after that time, we’ve grown used to each other that we more or less know ourselves when we’re together. It’s nice when you share laughs and frustrations and in the end, work … Read more

Ice Cream

6pm. 'Twas raining when I was going home from work. I wore a hooded sweater to cover myself form the weather (ha! It rhymed.) I was walking near the Fuente circle when I saw 2 women selling ice cream at 5 pesos per scoop to promote the flavors of the month for the upcoming holidays. … Read more

an embarassing moment

just for laughs…. a classmate (girl) and i tried to spoof one of the AXE commercials on tv… you know… the one where a guy entered the elevator spraying the cologne all over his body… when the guy went out… a doofus geek entered…. and another hot chick entered… and well… after the scent permeated … Read more

childish thoughts

i observed two kids(probably 6 or 7 years old) quarreling over a pieceof bubblegum which their mom gave with different colors… the firstone asked for a blue and green… what’s left was yellow and orange(i’m talkin about the wrappers okay?) anyways… the 2nd one alsowanted the blue one… “pareho ra ma nag lami!” (they have … Read more