Random Updates

I realized I’ve been wrapped up in writing articles about my recent trips that I haven’t been able to provide updates about my life and the things that have been going on so far. This is still a personal blog and before I get caught up with writing a bunch of entries about my travels again, let me post a few random nothings – travel and non-travel related.

Money Play
Been playing with money the past couple of months – NO, I haven’t been wasting it. I’ve been looking for ways to  squeeze time in order to maximize the situation of funds and whatever’s left of it. This is not something I’d recommend to everyone because you’ll go crazy if you can’t keep up with your payables and receivables. Heck, I’m going nuts trying to figure out how I’m going to manage. But I still like to think I can.

Terra 60 Backpack

terra 60
Photo courtesy of Doi

As you might have noticed in some of my previous posts, I have a new back pack for travelling. It cost me an arm to get this despite the discounted rate. There was a sale on outdoor items and because I was so curious about the items being displayed, I had to drop by the place. I wondered why the hell I did. Now I’ve conformed to The North Face backpack. But I’m not complaining as I know this proves to be useful in my trips. Besides, the Deuter bag that I have cannot accommodate the things I bring during my long journeys. I still need to work on my packing skills though.

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I haven’t packed for Hongkong

I have one more day left and I still haven’t packed my things! I’ll be leaving for Hongkong (yes, you heard it right) and no matter how hot the topic is for the place is right now, I don’t think any turning back will happen. But then I don’t want to speak too soon.

Anyway, I’ll be away for a week but I haven’t even sorted out the things I need to bring. So much for cramming.

  • clothes good for a week – maybe I’ll just bring around 3 sets of clothes and I’ll wash the rest when I get to the hostel/hotel.
  • toiletries – deodorants, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, paste – nuff said.
  • gadgets – I’m not sure if I should carry around my tripod but definitely I’ll bring my laptop and camera, I still need to blog since I can’t be away for a week without my HP540.
  • passport & ticket – My friend said that I should have copies of my passport and place them in my bag, wallet and another place for security just in case my real passport gets lost.
  • money – I should not forget this, can’t really move around if you don’t have cash.

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allowance blues

  Yes, I’m just a sorry ass little dweeb; feeding off with my savings and loose change. I know I’ll still survive but I don’t want to let this happen again. I’ll be working on getting more accounts set up for me to have more avenues to save. Though I know it’s discipline in the … Read more

Blog money

I’m very glad that somehow I’m able to earn extra at time when I need especially when I’m broke because of different issues prevailing. Even if I don’t earn as much, there’s definitely money in blogging. 🙂 edearns.blogspot.com

Another blog

FYI, I started earning from my site already; this site, I mean. It’s really cool knowing that I got my first paycheck 2 weeks ago from my admin; especially since I never thought I could earn and blog at the same time. I don’t know if this will come up as if I’m bragging. Some … Read more

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I got Rich Dad Poor Dad as a present since I posted it as one of my wish lists during one of our exchange gifts. I’ve heard a lot of talks about this book and how it helps a lot in breaking the mold of what we used to think would make us wealthy in … Read more


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