I haven’t packed for Hongkong

I have one more day left and I still haven’t packed my things! I’ll be leaving for Hongkong (yes, you heard it right) and no matter how hot the topic is for the place is right now, I don’t think any turning back will happen. But then I don’t want to speak too soon.

Anyway, I’ll be away for a week but I haven’t even sorted out the things I need to bring. So much for cramming.

  • clothes good for a week – maybe I’ll just bring around 3 sets of clothes and I’ll wash the rest when I get to the hostel/hotel.
  • toiletries – deodorants, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, paste – nuff said.
  • gadgets – I’m not sure if I should carry around my tripod but definitely I’ll bring my laptop and camera, I still need to blog since I can’t be away for a week without my HP540.
  • passport & ticket – My friend said that I should have copies of my passport and place them in my bag, wallet and another place for security just in case my real passport gets lost.
  • money – I should not forget this, can’t really move around if you don’t have cash.

I will be heading to the bank today to buy some US dollars for a higher exchange rate when we’ll arrive in Hongkong. I’m praying that everything will push through. I don’t really know what’s going to happen as I have another friend who has prepared an itinerary for the whole week that we’ll be there. 

I still have an 8-hour office duty before I fly so time is very hectic these days. Flight is at 10pm tomorrow so I’m really wishing that things will be smooth sailing. This will be my first time to travel abroad so please, let me step on foreign soil.

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2 thoughts on “I haven’t packed for Hongkong”

  1. Hello Ed,
    Good luck on your trip to HK. My batchmates and I went their for an edu tour (supposedly) last March. It was fun, especially since my friends were with me. I'm sure you'll enjoy shopping there – so it's a good choice to bring only a few sets of clothes. hahaha. 
    Enjoy the sights, too. Ocean Park was one of the best places we went to, but I would have loved to visit the big Buddha, the museums, Disneyland (!) and so much more. Don't forget to check out the Symphony of Lights at the harbour area, too, it happens every night. 
    Bon Voyage!


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