got my 2nd NSO birth certificate

I got my NSO certified copy of my birth certificate form after 3 business days since I last applied for it. This is the second time I applied for it and I got it finally. I’m going to apply for an SSS Loan and my account has been tagged as a temporary one. Until I … Read more

applying for another NSO birth certificate for SSS

I went to the ecensus website again to apply for another NSO certified copy of my birth certificate. The reason why I’m applying again for another one (since the first NSO birth certificate I had was used for my passport) is to apply for a loan in SSS. Because when I logged in to the … Read more

I got my Philippine passport!

I submitted my requirements such as my NSO birth certificate, a valid government ID, my company ID, certificate of employment, NBI clearance, the amount 1000 bucks (not rushed) and waited. I had my appearance after a week and waited again. After almost two months, I got it! I got my Philippine passport! I don’t really … Read more

on leave

I was on leave yesterday, I needed it. But I just stayed home and rested. I needed to update some records (government and not). Called the passport agency, tried to print some payslips, filled up some forms. Picked up the laundry, paid some bills, got some rest. Was pretty busy, actually. Got the ebay item … Read more

weekly update

I'm still waiting for my passport. I applied almost 2 months ago already through Jetsetters (an agency in Robinsons). I called them up and they explained that there were 3 holidays in August that's why it's a bit longer than I expected. I wish I could get my passport already. Not that I have booked … Read more

I got my NSO Birth Certificate

I was told by a colleague that he had my birth certificate, the one I applied for last week. I didn’t know what to expect but I’m happy that I got it sooner than I thought. I just applied in the eCensus website at the comfort of our office and paid the 300 peso amount … Read more