I got my Philippine passport!

I submitted my requirements such as my NSO birth certificate, a valid government ID, my company ID, certificate of employment, NBI clearance, the amount 1000 bucks (not rushed) and waited. I had my appearance after a week and waited again.

After almost two months, I got it! I got my Philippine passport! I don’t really care if I looked like an escaped convict out to prance on the nearest victim (bad simile, Ed).

I just like the fact that I’m able to get it early on. I kept on calling the agency where I applied for when it reached 30 business days just to ask for any update. When I texted the agent in-charge, he informed me that it’s available but the problem is I had to get it from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

It was just a hassle for me to go there since I have to go through traffic in Cebu’s old metro on a weekday. When I got there, I had to wait for an hour before I could get it. I thought that it would just be forwarded directly to the agency. To think that I had to wait outside because  I just wore slippers *ehem* flip flops. hehe.

Anyway, to anybody who’s planning to apply for a passport, I highly recommend you just apply for a rushed one; that is, if you easily get hasty like me. Or if you have the time, then you can get one without hiring an agency, it’ll save you half the price.


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5 thoughts on “I got my Philippine passport!”

  1. 1000 bucks? that seems steep. my parents used an agency here in the u.s. and was getting ripped off big time. why do some filipinos do that to other filipinos? my mom told them off LOL anyways, 100 bucks here rushed which is prob about 2 mos, too, or less.

    ciaras last blog post..Fat Ticker Friday on Saturday

  2. ciara: 1000 Philippine pesos I mean. yeah, it is pretty steep. It’s only 500 pesos I think if you’re going to go the DFA. thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. whoa! I just renewed my passport last week and i had it rushed. I just paid P750 for it and another P100 for LBC- so that I won’t have to go back to DFA, i had it delivered na lang…less hassle.


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