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Note: This is not a sponsored post. I love the product so much that I’m recommending it to everyone.

I usually bring a cap or hat whenever I go out of town. Aside from protecting my head from the elements of nature, it also keeps my hair from getting messed up. Call me a little vain but we all know how bad hair days feel.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve lost my caps whenever I travel. But I’m glad that there are products out in the market that are created out of innovation.

Enter Headware – a handy all-purpose, stretchable, breathable and tubular yet seamless accessory that has numerous ways to use, for many different activities. HeadWare wicks sweat away from your skin, keeps you cool on hot days, protects you from the elements or just makes you look cool. – theheadware.com

headware gear
Headware: Keep Your Head Happy!


I visited R.O.X. Philippines Fort Bonifacio so I could claim my prize when I won a Mountain Hardwear Scrambler Backpack. During that visit, my friend showed me this travel gear which she was intent on buying. I gave a second thought when I looked at the price but still purchased it (at 240 Php) considering that I already got the backpack for free.

doi headware
Doi of TheTravellingFeet.com (as a headband)
Photo Credit: Doi

I also carry a bandana around when I want to wipe sweat and cover my face whenever I travel on a dusty road. But this garment not only serves as a hat or a mask; you can also use it as a scarf, headband, beanie, balaclava, wristband and so much more.

I put this Headware to good use during a recent trip to Sagada as it kept my head and ears warm from the cold climate.

Funny how we were influenced by the Sole Sisters and how we influenced fellow travel blogger, Carla, and her husband James to buy one for themselves too.

carla james headware
Carla of thexcessbaggage.blogspot.com and James (Most Wanted)
Photo Credit: Carla

With its fabric being stretchable, I can just wear it around my neck and I won’t even have to worry if it’ll get lost cause I know it’s securely attached. You can carry it in your pocket like a handkerchief cause it’s light and doesn’t take a lot of space too.

This Headware multifunctional gear is not only limited for travelling. One time, I was jogging in Cebu and I used this to cover my neck and my nose from the metro’s pollution. It also became an effective disguise to hide myself from people I met along the way.

soloflighted headware
yours truly in Do-Not-Disturb mode
Photo Credit: Doi

The Headware’s fabric is breathable so air passes through easily but it also serves as an insulator to keep you warm from the cold weather – very clever indeed!

My favorite use for this would be as a mask whenever I take a nap during those long hours of travel. But even at home, since I work on the night shift nowadays, I use this to cover my eyes from daylight. It helps lull me directly to sleep.

headware ed
If you’re lucky, your airplane seatmate won’t even mind.
Photo Credit: Doi

I’m not certain if I have convinced you enough to purchase one for yourself. In any case, I’m just spreading the love because of how convenient this is for people who are always on the go.

Funny man, Rovilson Fernandez, demonstrates how you can customize this Headware gear according to your liking.

Headware is available in all R.O.X. branches nationwide. You may visit their website at theheadware.com to check out other stores carrying this handy travel essential.

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  • nel

    Do-Not-Disturb mode aka Darth Vader Style. Cool headware!

  • "If you’re lucky, your airplane seatmate won’t even mind." – parang he did mind at parang lumalayo sya sayo. Hahaha!

  • soloflightEd

    @nel: really cool! you should get one! just this moment, two people contacted me on where they could buy one for themselves!

    @pinaytraveljunkie: haha, mukha nga. actually, i cropped the photo and he was reading a magazine. well, he can't go anywhere as he's stuck with me for the 1 hour flight! 😀

  • kakatuwa comment ni Gay. parang kailangan ko bumili ng headgear. astig talaga ang R.O.X.

  • i bought three and gave one to my cousin who's a skateboard fanatic and is now based in HK. all his friends are asking where he got it. by the way, i bought mine in R3public in Trinoma mall! Nice post Ed, highly recommended this one! 

  • i like one too!
    sana magparaffle ang sole sisters! hehe

  • you did not quote the price and it seems their website doesnt have the price either 🙁

  • soloflightEd

    @dong ho: haha, who wouldn't be taken aback with a masked passenger as a seatmate? astig talaga ng R.O.X. daming mga gear na gusto mong bilhin kahit wala kang balak bumili!

    @pinoy boy journals: thanks jerik! i think every member of PTB should have one! with our PTB logo! if only… 😀

    @chyng: haha, chyng. thought you already bought one. but sana magparaffle din ang sole sisters! 😀

    @tagadavaoko: ey, i placed the price in the entry.
    Please read: "I gave a second thought when I looked at the price but still purchased it (at 240 Php) considering that I already got the backpack for free."
    thanks for dropping by this blog! 😀

  • Thanks for the recommendation! Can't wait to check them out! And LOVE the pics on the plane, I get so self conscious sleeping on a plane that'd help a ton!

  • I really want one of those… sana mapadpad ako sa ROX one of these days… sa ROX lang ba cya available?
    @Chyng – panalo ka talaga! basta libre! wahahaha!!!

  • my bad. i was so amazed at the ways i can wear headware. nyahaha 

  • PERNES! Pernes talaga. Ang cool nung video. Mapapabili talaga ako nito and medyo mura lang. Medyo concerned lang ako sa pattern na available. Hehehe. But I really love it, love the concept. Sana makabili ako before my summer adventures. Hahaha.

  • soloflightEd

    @miranda: no prob! haha, really great to cover your face or just use it as a blindfold! 😀

    @pinoy adventurista: daan ka! I think they're also available in Brat Pack and The Travel Club in all stores nationwide. haha, si chyng, nanalo na kasi sa isang pacontest ng sole sisters! haha

    @tagadavaoko: no worries! 😀

    @robbie: marami silang patterns available. but with your caliber, mas maganda pag ikaw nagdesign nun, robbie! sana may pacontest din sila to create your custom-headware. 😀

  • Gusto ko sana bumili ng mga ganyan kaso di ako marunong magsuot ih.  =P

  • ay cge, check ko sa ibang stores, medyu effort kc pumunta ng The Fort eh… hehehe! Thanks ed!

  • I might get one.. for travel.. and.. in the office.. hehe

    para hindi ako iniistorbo nga mga katabi ko at alam nilang natutulog ako.. 😛

  • Ayos. I need this! Sana magkaroon pa ng madaming designs.

  • vin

    hmm. i'm used to wearing scarves as an accessory whenever i travel but this one looks more interesting. ma-try nga hehe

  • rOme

    ed, i bought two from ROX last year before we went to Mt. Pulag.. very useful.. 🙂

  • ron

    monette and i got a survivor buffs couple of years back. recently i bought another pair for us. im so in love with it. i even use it when i sleep (at home) hahahhaa

  • soloflightEd

    @christian: haha, madali lang, you'll learn along the way! there're a lot of videos on Youtube too! 😀

    @pinoy adventurista: haha. onga. go go go!

    @jeffz: i brought this one in the office and used it too. di nga lang pwede sa harapan ng computer kasi mapagkamalan akong abnoy. hehe

    @rizalenio: they've lots! they're coming up with new ones daw 😀

    @vin: this looks cooler hehe.

    @rome: these are great for those climbs right?

    @ron: ahh, yeah. good thing headware's here sa Pinas. very useful talaga. i use it also kahit sa bahay! hehe

  • krystle

    Tama ba P240 lang sya?:) Good investment ito! Will prolly buy one this year. Nagiipon din ako ng travel gear.:) Yan, money belt at inflatable neck pillow ang nasa listahan ko pati mesh bags na organizer. Tama na yun sa akin hehehe!:P

  • Just saw this now! Thanks for posting Ed. Just reposted it on our FB page. I'm glad you love headware as much as we do!

  • Mel

    Depende ata sa print/patterns yung price, Ed. 🙂 The plain black one I bought only costs PhP170, the other colorful printed ones I have are PhP240 nga.
    Very useful, I used it almost everywhere – as head and neck cover for the cold in Benguet, face cover for dusty roads during climbs, pang-cover ng hair from the sun. Pero yung the best purpose nya for me is pang-DND mode din, pag natutulog sa travel. Andami ko kasing stolen shots na nakanganga habang tulog. Haha! 😀

  • Mel

    Depende ata sa print/patterns yung price, Ed.  The plain black one I bought only costs PhP170, the other colorful printed ones I have are PhP240 nga.
    Very useful, I used it almost everywhere – as head and neck cover for the cold in Benguet, face cover for dusty roads during climbs, pang-cover ng hair from the sun, etc. Pero yung the best purpose nya for me is pang-DND mode din, pag natutulog sa travel. Andami ko kasing stolen shots na nakanganga habang tulog. Haha! 

  • a must have! bought another one last sunday 🙂

  • I could actually use one of these where I'm at since it is cold most of the year.  Finding something to cover yourself and still make it breathable is kind of hard to find sometimes.  Unfortunately it is just starting to warm up here, but I'll still check it out since I know it will just be cold again next year.

  • soloflightEd

    @krystle: yeah, 240, i think the plain ones are cheaper. wow, a neck pillow would be good for me too! 😀

    @lois: no prob lois, just spreading the headware love!

    @mel: thanks for the info! wasn't able to see a plain black one, will take note of that! true the DND mode, kakainis talaga pag may pamblackmail ang mga tao sayo because of stolen shots! hehe

    @carla: haha, adik na ai! hehe 😀

    @steve: you can always use this to cover your neck from the rays of the sun! this has so many uses steve!

  • hahaha your do-not-disturb-me pics made me laugh so much! 😀 but yeah, it's a really great product esp for travelers 😀

  • This piece of headwear is love. I have the same one as Chi Chi, so versatile indeed 🙂

    • soloflightEd

      @lakwatseradeprimera: yeah, i saw you on TV wearing that design. sikat ka na talaga claire! 😀

  • nice headware, flexible use. i'll buy one. 😀

  • @renevic: haha, napapabili talaga noh? hehe..

  • ah I see. dami pala niyang gamit kala ko pang landi outfit lang ng mga backpackers. lol! hihihi! natuwa ako sa beanie style. gawin ko nga yan sa office. mga hayok sa aircon mga tao dito e. just like havaianas, sabi ko sa sarili ko hinding hindi ako bibili ng mga ganyang kamamahal na gamit tapos wala naman special power para umangat sa iba. ikaw talaga… convincing ang post mo to. bibili na tuloy ako mamaya. chos! sa isang araw na lang. busy ako kakablog.  (at crush ko si rovilson. hahah! yun yun e)

  • @kura: lol. bili ka na kura! masayang gamit ito. napabili ba talaga? the product speaks for itself at di na kelangan ng promotion ko. naks. hahahaha

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