got my SSS Loan!

probably because of the problem with my account being tagged as a temporary id number. But wheAfter a month’s worth of waiting, I finally got my SSS Loan. It’s not much, but it will help a lot.At least, I can pay off some of my tuition using this money. It took me a month, I … Read more

got my 2nd NSO birth certificate

I got my NSO certified copy of my birth certificate form after 3 business days since I last applied for it. This is the second time I applied for it and I got it finally. I’m going to apply for an SSS Loan and my account has been tagged as a temporary one. Until I … Read more

applying for another NSO birth certificate for SSS

I went to the ecensus website again to apply for another NSO certified copy of my birth certificate. The reason why I’m applying again for another one (since the first NSO birth certificate I had was used for my passport) is to apply for a loan in SSS. Because when I logged in to the … Read more

update update

I’ve heard about a colleague who got bitten by a cat. It cost her 40 Thousand bucks for medical and other expenses. FTW? 40 effing thousand is a lot of money. ——— My blog is hosted at WordPress and I’m glad that my admin had updated it to the newest version. Yey! I also updated … Read more