got my SSS Loan!


probably because of the problem with my account being tagged as a temporary id number. But wheAfter a month’s worth of waiting, I finally got my SSS Loan. It’s not much, but it will help a lot.At least, I can pay off some of my tuition using this money. It took me a month, I thought it was only 2 weeks. I had this problemn I had it all settled out, I submitted the application form before I was off to Manila, and hadit processed. I guess there was just a mix up between updating my account and the actual application.

In any case, I’m just glad that it went through and I have the check.

I was told to go to a PNB branch because that’s the only bank that can change it to cash. When I went there in between schooling, they told me that I needed to have some IDs and the company’s voucher before they change it.

I called the HR of the company I work for and informed them of my predicament. They said I can try to get the voucher from them but it would completely defeat the purpose of me being in the bank. So I asked them what do the normal loaners do. She said that they just have it deposited to their personal bank account… and that’s what I did. I went to my local bank and deposited the money there. I just felt like a dumbass not knowing this procedure all along. It could’ve saved me more time (which is what’s lacking in my routine nowadays).

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