2010: A Busy Tiger

I’m supposed to create a good entry about how my year ended but I’m busy working on something a lot of things that I’m still having difficulty keeping up. There are so many things going on in my head and although I am way pressed with the workload, I am bent on prolonging the agony … Read more

planner has been put to good use

I’m glad that somehow, my planner has still been put to good use. Last year, my Jollibee one was only good up to April, but this Starbucks one has already past August and I’m still putting stuff in it which is really an improvement. I better keep on writing still. One day, when the year … Read more


After how many attempts on writing my name correctly (Edcel with a C, not Z nor S), I’m done with with collecting those stickers. Funny thing is that the last cup I bought, they spelled my name as if I’m some Microsoft application software. sheesh. No more excuse to buy a Starbucks grande What will I … Read more

catching up

I’ve been trying to catch up on a lot of things. Rest, blog and rest. I spent the weekend just at home trying to update some old entries as well as make sure I’ll be a lot richer the next year. hehe. Also, I’ve been spending my time watching some movies that have been pending … Read more

Merry Christmas!

I’m starting to feel better now. I went with my co-workers (or should I see co-trainees) at a birthday party or just some nights after work. Some of my them are a little agog over getting their Starbucks stickers completed so they can get a planner as part of the establishment’s promotion. I’m not really much of a coffee fan, but I … Read more