2010: A Busy Tiger

I’m supposed to create a good entry about how my year ended but I’m busy working on something a lot of things that I’m still having difficulty keeping up. There are so many things going on in my head and although I am way pressed with the workload, I am bent on prolonging the agony for a month or so until a replacement can be found.

Aside from my blog sites that I have to regularly update, I have other jobs that I’m working on but I can’t do anything yet until something drastic happens.

I’ll just post some random shots from my camera since I got bored and I badly needed to update this site.

My 2009 Starbucks planner; with the cost to get this merchandise the previous year, I vowed that I’d utilize it well and ensure that I’d be able to write down important notes and reminders. When I scanned through its pages, I realized that it served more as a diary  as opposed to its primary usage.

starbucks 2009 planner

A bulletin board, I’ve gone all high school with this but I needed it so I can plan the goals I’ve set for myself. It sure does help when there’s a constant reminder (a tangible one) that’s presented to you every time you get out of bed. Having a board to place all my the things I would like to accomplish is already a good inspiration. Now if only there were lesser bills than savings listed, it would make all the difference.

bulletin board

My laptop; my hp540 that’s been with me for almost a year now. Its warranty is soon going to expire and I need to have the screen replaced again. What’s upsetting is that I just had the LCD repaired last June so it shouldn’t really be that defective. This is where I do most of my work nowadays; with online jobs and full ones too that I have to finish.

laptop hp 540 

I’ve been assisting my next-door housemate Cherry with her 2 month-old baby; yes the baby in the picture is still 2 months old. Big eh? I’ve been making funny faces and entertaining Baby Luke and proclaimed myself a temporary ‘yayo’ while a suitable house help will appear in their doorsteps. Good thing they found one now.

baby luke

Ah, Uncle John; glad to have waited until the party was over so I can tuck you away and into my pad. Now the wall doesn’t seem so bare anymore. I could’ve just had another tarp printed out but it would cost me too much. I never thought that my pop could influence me so much on Lennon and The Beatles but I’m glad he did.

lennon i got you 

2009 was good for me but this year will even be better. The power of a positive mindset. I already have a notebook, but I need a good planner just so I can scribble on months that I need to doodle on.

2010 has started to become busy but it’s just the beginning of the year and THIS is my year.

“Bring out the Tiger in you” – a lame quote I had to use. It’s in the eye of the tiger… nah not good either. Tiger Bomb?

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5 thoughts on “2010: A Busy Tiger”

  1. what i learned of having an HP laptop: avoid one in the future. gubaon bai. almost one year into having it, the motherboard got defective. had it replaced. while the warranty was extended, it got defective again, for the 2nd time. now, with no more warranty, the motherboard again needs to be replaced. for 20K plus? no way. 


    Nix: haha. we should definitely be successful nuke! haha

    estan: yeah, had so many terrible issues with it. The NGenius People are great in assisting me but the Service Center in SM was really bad. Sigh. I'd have to talk this with them to have it changed. 20K? better buy a new one, I'm planning to get a desktop soon. 


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