Travel Gear Gift Ideas by Travelon and GO Travel

I rarely ask for anything during Christmas except for travel gears as gifts. I’ve learned to live frugally so that I can spend more on airfare which allocates a bigger part of my budget when I travel. But there are times that I wish I had a device that would help make things more convenient for me when I go on a trip. Simple items that help make the whole adventure stress-free.

Fortunately, there are companies that develop innovative products that help every traveller. Here are some gift items you can buy for your friends who frequently travel.

travelon go travel
GO Travel and Travelon products for the avid traveller

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Travel Gear: How Headware Keeps My Head Happy

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I love the product so much that I’m recommending it to everyone. I usually bring a cap or hat whenever I go out of town. Aside from protecting my head from the elements of nature, it also keeps my hair from getting messed up. Call me a little … Read more