goth name raw

my goth name is CRIMSON MOON…what’s yours? posted Thursday, 20 May 2004 aMia made this comment,mine is Vicious Mistress. sheesh. hehe.comment added :: 24th May 2004, 15:37 GMT+08 crunchies made this comment,hmm, mine was “angeldust” – ano kaya yon?comment added :: 13th June 2004, 20:05 GMT+08

eddie raw o?

got this quiz through paul’s blog….  take the quiz? yacks! i’m bro. eddie????? and im having trouble with my spiritual side right now! so what a coincidence! maybe because ed rin siya… hehe… good thing i still can’t vote… as for all the “grown-ups”… hehe… happy elections!!! posted Wednesday, 5 May 2004 CNBGirl made … Read more


after quite a while now… been thinking of transferring to anothersite… but i would practically miss the simple features ofblog-city… you know? blog-city’s been a very user-friendly host,especially to a self-learner of HTML like me… but since i’m sortaattached to this blog… i think i’m going to keep it anyway… hehe.. just a few changes, … Read more

sex is healthy

dunno what to write… got this in from the bulletin of my friendster account. You’ve gotta read this. It’s hilarious!Be sure to read the warning at the bottom. Did you know that you can tell from the skinwhether a person issexually active or not? 1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific testsfind that when women … Read more

mga bosing

two months na ako sa pagka-contractual employee (for 6 months) sajollibee. and here’s the type of managers i have: 1. mr. ex-crew – in-charge sa counters/cashiers – dahil medyo baguhan pa nga si mr. ex-crew,eh malpitin siya sa’min… mabait kasi naiintindihan niya angmga problema namin sa store at sa management…. kaya nga satingin ko, medyo … Read more

love story?

« H » email linkso this is supposed to be a love story??? you be the judge… try it! ha!… wala talaga akong maipag-blog ngayong araw!… click me! posted Monday, 5 January 2004 Shawty made this comment,hmmm ewan ko sa kanya ed, baka naman pinagawa lang niya yung hahaha.. ambot sa iya!!! nice one about … Read more

grades ko ‘to

here’s the list of my grades the previous sem: FILIPINO – 1.5 ENGLISH – 1.3 CHEMISTRY LECTURE – 1.8 CHEMISTRY LAB – 1.5 COLLEGE ALGEBRA – 1.0 PLANE TRIGONOMETRY – 1.0 DRAWING – 1.6 PE – 1.3 NSTP – 1.4 SOCIAL ORIENTATION – 5.0 wait a minute? ba’t may 5.0 dyan? ba’t nabagsak ako sa … Read more

wala lang

hello… somehow… though malapit na dec. 25, the surroundings… somehow, idon’t feel the christmas season yet… i’m not a materialistic person,or maybe i am… and i’m looking at the shallow things in life…dunno really. at least i’m still alive… but i really can’t feel thatit’s going to be christmas again… christmas isn’t like thisbefore… it … Read more


i was on the passenger’s seat in a jeepney, waiting for it to fill upof other passengers… i wanted to go home na kasi… anyway, whilesitting and doing nothing… i chanced upon two other jeepneys,colliding… pero maliit lang yung pagkakabangga ha! well, akala komag-aaway yung dalawa… kasi mukhang galit na galit yun nabanggaaneh… it turned … Read more


i want to talk about news for a change… last sunday i saw ourPresident GMA on the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer… onthe headlines were the words “i’m running”. that simple… i’m noactive member of the society or in our school but it just goes to showthat she’s a liar… it just proves … Read more