i want to talk about news for a change… last sunday i saw our
President GMA on the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer… on
the headlines were the words “i’m running”. that simple… i’m no
active member of the society or in our school but it just goes to show
that she’s a liar… it just proves how poor our country is in terms
of politics and government. i hate the way she made us believe her…
and then changed her mind for a higher cause… yadiyadiyah… then if
so, why did she say that she won’t run? (to the whole world!) or maybe
she just said that because of pressure during those times that she
couldn’t concentrate, because of the intrigues of her running in the
next elections… well, she should’ve looked for other solutions. if
that’s what her strategy is which was declaring something and then
taking it back, then it is a successful plan… the only problem is
it’s us, the citizens, who are the JackAss here.

she made a brilliant plan at our expense… what kind of leader is
she??? a leader should be honest and should set as the example. (now
i’m directing other people’s lives)… it’s true that all of us have
our own flaws and commit mistakes. it’s just that she shouldn’t make
it as an excuse. i’m not trying to say that i don’t like her as a
person (cause i don’t care that much).. but i hated what she did…
the act… it’s so… immoral? erroneous? to be safe… it’s
unsuitable. for a leader! i don’t know much of politics, but i’m aware
that we’re really suffering. kawawa naman tayo…

while i’m on the verge on this topic, i want to remind everyone who
are going to be 18 sooner about the registration for the upcoming
elections… here in cebu, our deadline is on Oct. 31. i have no idea
about other places (see? i’m not an active citizen). ako?, next time
na lang… underaged pa kasi eh… i hope that we’d have a responsible
leader, or to make it plain, we need a good leader. (uh, politics…)

posted Tuesday, 7 October 2003

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