A Day at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Today, I fed and bathed elephants that were rescued from abuse and neglect. I visited the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and spent a day with these gentle giants. It was a beautiful experience to be with them up close.

Elephant Nature Park Day Trip by Save Elephant Foundation
Chiang Mai, Thailand
October 24, 2012

save elephant organization
with female elephant Jampeng

elephant save elephant org
after taking a bath, they covered themselves with mud for protection (from the sun and from insect bites)

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Handmade Postcards Project for a Cause

I met with my friend, Den of TutuOnTheRun.com, the other day in Bangkok. I bought a few postcards from her volunteering project which was one of her assignments in VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas).

VSO is an international development charity that works through experienced volunteers living and working as equals alongside local partners. It is the largest independent (non-governmental) volunteer-sending organization in the world. – VSO | Wikipedia

vso bangkok
Volunteer and discover the world.

She applied for the organization back in 2002 but she was denied application since she was told she needed more professional experience. Ten years later and after acquiring experience as a teacher, she’s finally going to make this pending dream into a realization.

Although Bangkok has become her comfort zone for over a year, she’ll move on with her adventures for a greater cause.

bangkok art fair
Spreading the news at an art fair in Bangkok’s Model Coffee.

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Volunteer in South Africa

Note: This post is an advertorial.

Volunteering is one of the ways of immersing yourself in another place. This is a great way for you to travel and learn more about another nation’s culture. For now. I’m still living this digital nomad lifestyle since I resigned from my office job earlier this year. But volunteering was one of the things I thought about because I wanted to live in another country.

Last month, Lattitude Global Volunteering sent volunteer number 40,000 on a life changing experience. Now they are hoping to find more 17–25 year old volunteers to help with projects in South Africa.

lattitude volunteering

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