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Volunteering is one of the ways of immersing yourself in another place. This is a great way for you to travel and learn more about another nation’s culture. For now. I’m still living this digital nomad lifestyle since I resigned from my office job earlier this year. But volunteering was one of the things I thought about because I wanted to live in another country.

Last month, Lattitude Global Volunteering sent volunteer number 40,000 on a life changing experience. Now they are hoping to find more 17–25 year old volunteers to help with projects in South Africa.

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The charity began 40 years ago under the name “GAP Activity Projects”. Back in the 1970s the idea of traveling outside of your own country was only just starting to become a mainstream activity and even then, for most it was simply about going somewhere warm, not about experiencing life with new cultures.

But there were small numbers of students who wanted to integrate themselves further into the lives of people from other communities. Realizing this, GAP Activity Projects was set-up with the aim of starting projects where volunteers from overseas could help local communities. The projects would benefit local communities and help with the development of young volunteers, a win-win situation.

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In 2005 the organization was renamed as Lattitude Global Volunteering to highlight the fact that they were about volunteering overseas, not just traveling during gap years. While Lattitude offer placements around the world, everywhere from New Zealand to Malawi, this year they are focusing on increasing the number people volunteering in South Africa.

Placements in South Africa are needed for people wanting to teach English abroad, people who want to work in the community and for volunteers who would like to become outdoor activity instructors.

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If you know a young person who might be interested in spending 3-12 months helping communities in Africa while enjoying an experience they will never forget, point them towards Lattitude.

I have a friend who is planning to head to South Africa to teach because she wants to make a difference in the world. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do so. For now, I’m just taking my time to grow my businesses so I can first fix other things that need more attention.

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