Handmade Postcards Project for a Cause

I met with my friend, Den of TutuOnTheRun.com, the other day in Bangkok. I bought a few postcards from her volunteering project which was one of her assignments in VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas).

VSO is an international development charity that works through experienced volunteers living and working as equals alongside local partners. It is the largest independent (non-governmental) volunteer-sending organization in the world. – VSO | Wikipedia

vso bangkok
Volunteer and discover the world.

She applied for the organization back in 2002 but she was denied application since she was told she needed more professional experience. Ten years later and after acquiring experience as a teacher, she’s finally going to make this pending dream into a realization.

Although Bangkok has become her comfort zone for over a year, she’ll move on with her adventures for a greater cause.

bangkok art fair
Spreading the news at an art fair in Bangkok’s Model Coffee.

During a recent meet-up, Den told me that she’ll be flying to India before heading to Kenya. She’ll be there for training and she was really happy with the news. I’m proud that she’s able to travel to different countries. It makes me think how near she will be to Mauritius.

I’ve heard about stories from a two-month stint in a five-star resort and how guests raved about the exotic islands in the Indian Ocean. They shared there stories about how hey had a wonderful time there and the Mahlatini offer holidays to Mauritius’. Mauritius is also one of those places I’d like to visit. I may have to search online first on which is the best country as a jump-off point to Mauritius. I may have to check Mahlatini.com for more information about it.

But then again, volunteering is the main agenda and travelling is just secondary.

postcards tutuontherun
Den’s handmade postcards

Going back to her postcards, I asked Den to come up with a caricature of myself as one of the pieces I ordered. She came up with the painting below. I’m thinking it wasn’t that hard to draw since I already look like a cartoon without trying to. :p

postcard soloflighted
Same same, but different.

I’m glad that this opportunity came by and she’s finally doing what she has always dreamed about. Volunteering for a cause in another country; aside from the travelling aspect, she’s also do something for others. Check out her handmade postcards set on Facebook here: Handmade Postcards for a Cause by Den Ramonal

Good luck on your new journey, Den!

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