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I was on my way back home to Cebu from Dumaguete via Santander. I rode a van at 150 pesos from Santander to Cebu and I stayed on the front seat cause I wanted to get some shut eye. Luckily, it's one of those experiences wherein you can't help but turn your head from side to side and grin at how Filipinos are when it comes to the habit of drinking. 

I saw a truck carrying a number of passengers in full seating which is pretty normal in the rural areas since transportation is scarce. It was a Sunday so it was expected that the people were probably visiting a church or a small gathering. From a dreary state, I shifted focus and brought out my camera upon seeing a sight I wanted to make sure was real.

Tried to get some sleep but my eyes were on the road.


Until I saw figures reminiscent of the sessions I had the night before.


Which made me wonder if they know that what they're doing is dangerous.


Didn't believe it at first, until I saw the stallion on red and yellow.


Ah, removing the shirt made a lot of difference.


Whoa, I thought it's only them two who were having a session. Pass it around!


Penge naman ako nyan!

Indeed the Filipino's penchant for drinking is quite unique. I remember talking to an expat about the definition of tagay, educating him about where it came from and how it started as if I were an expert on the subject. Drinking while driving is one thing, but the sight of people drinking while riding and balancing themselves totally caught me off guard. Anything or should I say anywhere for the booze right?

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