Talima Adventure Water Park in Cebu was Closed today

June 18, 2010.
Darn it. Talima Adventure Waterpark in Cebu was closed today!

talima adventure park going to Talima Adventure and failed cause the water park was closed. Toinks

Some colleagues and I were planning to go to the waterpark in Olango Island to have fun but it turned out that they were not operating from June 15 to 18 due to some constructions that were being done to improve the place.

I called earlier just to ask for more information on the location but then the phone number (+63 915 255 5991) had no answer.

When we went to the docking area beside Hilton in order to check out the place so we can hire a pump boat ride. We even got a bit confused as to where the jump off point was for the Islands Banca Cruise boats. When we got there, we felt all excited knowing that we were about to experience a good water adventure. My colleagues just got out from their shifts at work and hadn’t had time to sleep to see what’s in store but when we arrived, they said that the park was not open; bummer.

We talked to the staff, hoping that we could still make it but they said that it was really closed. We asked if they posted it on their sites and announced it well cause we were unaware. They said that they did and it was really disappointing on our part but we didn’t blame the crew though.

So we walked going back to our ride and tried to come up with a plan B. We received a text message from the Talima Adventure number and I tried dialing in again. This time I was able to talk to one of their representatives,  and she told us that they made the necessary announcements about the park being closed. I had my Smartbro unlimited Plug-it with me and checked their Facebook page again, went to their Wall and found out that they did post something.

talima facebook should’ve checked their Wall in Facebook

It’s sad knowing that we reserved this day and even filed for leave ahead of time in order to experience the adventure hype that Cebu is talking about. I was even glad because we could relive the time when we were able to visit the Camsur Watersports Complex in Naga some time last year.

Oh well, we couldn’t blame them. It was just depressing and I felt stupid because of not going through the site thoroughly.

Note: Talima Adventure and Water Park will resume operations on June 19, 2010.

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  1. BUMMER!!! What a tragic experience…tragic jud! Wahehehe! Sayang…Iwas was really planning pa nman to go with you guys…good thing I overslept! nyahaha!


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