The Dark Knight rocks!

I’m still a bit high from watching The Dark Knight. A friend and I went out to watch the movie in Ayala. She was not in the mood to think about things so I accompanied her.  When we were there, I forgot that it was Saturday so there were a number of teens and tweens frolicking around.

I didn’t expect to get excited after cause I wasn’t excited when I entered the movie house. I was even planing to just sleep on some parts since I just had my shift. But I was glued at my seat while my eyes were fixated on the screen due to the different plots and scenes and twists.I commend all the people who created this movie. The actors were great in portraying their parts.

I never expected it to be just full of adrenaline. The Tumbler (batmobile) and batpod (motorcycle) just left me in awe, wishing I had one of those babies.

The last film of Heath Ledger, he was really good at playing The Joker. So demented and full of life that you can’t help but really be amazed on how serious one could get to internalize a character. Funny part was when he was telling Batman “You complete me” in a serious and psychotic way.

I ultimately liked the part where he (in a nurse’s outfit) walked out of Gotham hospital with a bomb detonator at hand, looked and acted so silly while creating a huge explosion at the background.

Anyway, even Two Face which I thought was just going to be introduced for the next sequel was part of it. The dark and raw feel of Gotham city was presented descriptively. Sure the movie may be dragging because it ran for two and a half hours, but it seemed so nice knowing that the shows you watched when you were a kid that just got home from school would be shown on the big screen.

Well, we went home afterward. I wish I could stay more but I still had overtime work to do that we didn’t get to unwind some more after the flick. Maybe next time.

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