The Lost Bag of Oatiekin Bars from Tsokolat Bakeshop in Dumaguete City

UPDATE: The Tsokolat store sign might not be there, but you can still get these oatiekin bars. It’s not on display anymore but just ask the employee in the shop if you want some. For orders, contact Francine at 09178639443.

November of 2009, I spent a week in Dumaguete City in order to learn online jobs. It was a nice break since I never really had a long vacation from work. My leaves were usually spent as added days off from my normal rest days. While in the City of Gentle People, I was advised by a friend to check out oatiekin cookie bars from Tsoklat Bakeshop along Hibbard Avenue.

Tsokolat Bakeshop
Dumaguete City

oatiekins tsokolat
Oatiekin Chocolate Fudgy Bars
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Oatiekin Chocolate Bars – fudgy chocolate cream bars wrapped between oatmeal blankets.

I couldn’t remember the actual note posted in a red cutout paper. But it sounded something like the description above. This was recommended to me on Facebook and a few people at the office requested me to buy these rich choco bars for them. Below is a conversation on my Facebook wall.

facebook dumaguete
Great how technology works, no?

Prior to our online chat, I had to visit the place in order to see how their pastries tasted. The bakeshop wasn’t hard to find as it was located near a house where we lived when we were still staying in Dumaguete. Besides, the city is small so everything is easily accessible.

I arrived after lunch time and was welcomed with a quaint store between a water station and a laundry shop – really multifunctional. The bakeshop sold a number of desserts with peculiar names such as chizmosa, lanky chews, mango tango, kalamanji, hooters and so much . Pretty odd labels but still looked interesting.

tsokolat bakeshop dumaguete
Tsokolat Bakeshop Bread and Pastries
Where Sweet Dreams Come True

I bought one oatikin bar in order to see why my friends were excited. After the attendant brought one out from the chiller and unwrapped its transparent plastic, I immediately ate it to see what the fuss was all about.

tsokolat display
pastries in a chiller

At 25Php, it was one of the more expensive desserts from the lot but I could understand why.

The rich fudgy chocolate softened as I brought it to my mouth. It’s cold and moist texture slowly melted while the oatmeal blankets added balance to the pastry’s sweetness. It didn’t remind me of any dessert I’ve already tasted which made it more delectable because of its unqueness. The chocolate bar didn’t disappoint at all.

dumaguete oatikin oatiekins
Unwrapping the fudgy chocolate desserts

I was about to head home when I ordered 28 pieces – 25 for my friends and 3 for myself. Aside from my backpack, I was lugging a plastic bag of oatiekins from Dumaguete to the Sibulan port. I hopped on a boat to Santander and rode a van for Cebu City.

Oatiekin Bars in Dumaguete City

Splurging a little by paying an extra seat inside the van, I wanted to have more space so I could rest well. I didn’t mind the charge since I hardly spent a penny during that vacation. In fact, I even earned money due to the training.

Enjoying the sights on the road, feeling like I’m in a Galapagos cruise from Santander to Cebu,  I was at ease and everything felt so light; until I realized why – the bag of oatikins was missing!

Searching back and forth and switching from side to side to check where the bag was, I wondered where those choco bars have gone off. I even suspected other passengers to have taken it every time somebody got off the vehicle. It took me half an hour to conclude (and accept) that the desserts were left at the boat as I was in a hurry due to a sudden drizzle.

I called some people and told them about the bad news to forget about the chocolate bars without letting them know of my mishap.

tsokolat bakeshop
Tsokolat Bakeshop. located near Dr. Absin’s house

It took me awhile to write this post; almost 2 years. I needed more time to recover from my clumsiness. But I swear, when I get back to this university town, I’ll definitely drop by the bakeshop and order another bag. This time, I won’t ever lose them!

Tsokolat Bakeshop in Dumaguete
Address: 147 Hibbard Avenue, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Telephone Number: (035) 225-8742, (035) 422-0911, 0918 905 3857



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26 thoughts on “The Lost Bag of Oatiekin Bars from Tsokolat Bakeshop in Dumaguete City”

  1. Awww…this post came a month too late. I'm a sucker for dessert. I would've definitely tried this when I was there. :=(
    Btw, I was nominated to join a project called "My 7 Links". Other PTB members are already in the list so I chose you and Ian dela Pena to keep the ball rolling. Of course, you don't have to join if it's not your thing. 🙂 Here's my entry:

  2. Nice blog bro! We are also planning to start a travel blog as we document places the we've visited here in the Philippines and abroad. For outside the country, so far we've been to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Macau. 🙂

  3. AJ: oops. probably when you get back next time AJ! You would've loved it!  Yes, I received the links and I'll definitely write about it. Thanks. I miss these chain blog posts! 😀

    @pinaytraveljunkie: I only heard about these when I was already there. I posted my status on FB. Probably we were not friends/close at the time (ngayon, feeling close na. haha). Next time, papadala ako nyan at kay Luna! pramis! 😀

    @Ding: i think they're not that keen on advertising. Good luck to them, I shared this entry. Hopefully, they'll be able to read this 😀

    @Christian: haha, bili ka. nasayangan talaga ako dun sa nawalang bag ko.

    @chyng: Hi Chyng. yeah, heavenly talaga! 😀 Actually, di pa gaano karami when we migrated sa Cebu. Ngayon lang toh which is really great. Gusto kong bumalik ng Dumaguete at mag foodtrip! mura pa naman ang mga pagkain. You should go there! 😀

    @chin chan: haha, mabigat talaga. parang sinful masyado! haha 😀

    @tina: haha, you check out Dumaguete, Tina. Sans Rival is usually known there, pero i prefer this one! 😀

    @fetus: suway nya dwin.

    @marky: lol. hope they're still there and operating though. It's owned by a woman (I think) who does this as a sideline.

    @millionaire acts: thanks for dropping by. do keep me posted when you set up that blog! 😀

  4. @JacK: ey jack, no, not sure if there are products in Cebu. Will have to inquire when I visit their place some time. 😀

    @lakwatsera de primera: haha. sana nga noh? pero the oatikin bars are best eaten within 4 hours (ata) kasi chilled dapat sya. baka magmelt na yung chocolate. 😀

  5. I think Tsokolat closed down already, unless nag transfer sila somewhere else. 🙁 I know, it's saaaaad! Oatiekins, my favorite! Huhuhu.

  6. @kai: really? sayang woi. I hope they just transferred. hope you can call them for na update though 🙁

    @tripper10: yeah, sana bukas pa nga talaga yung shop. very masarap kasi. 🙂

  7. Oatiekin bars look amazingly good.  yum!  It looks like a good sweet I would love to try.  But I can't believe that you bought so many and forgot them.  That would be horrible to lose. 

  8. @Steve: indeed they do! haha, really got pissed off when I lost them. sigh.

    @christian: haha, medyo too sweet for me ang sans rival, though ito sweet rin. ewan. haha. sana andyan pa sila! 😀

  9. This may be 2years late but… the oatiekins are still alive, and always been. It’s true that tsokolat closed years ago but you can still order them from the laundry shop (named Wishy Washy or something like that) beside where tsokolat used to be located. Just ring the bell and ask for the oatiekins (everytime I go there it feels like I’m on a shady shop where I’ll be buying something illegal haha). Anyway, it used to be 20+php but it’s now 32php.


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