My 7 Links: Revisiting Old Blog Entries

Passing off a chain that came from word slayer blogger, AJ Poliquit, whose writing leaves me looking for tissues to wipe my nose. My 7 Links – This is a project by Tripbase “to unite bloggers from all sectors to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again”. was a personal blog that evolved into a travel blog. But I’ve been blogging since 2003. It’s been a long time since I received a tag from somebody and this is a great opportunity to share and revisit old posts for readers who just stumbled upon this site.

By the way, the posts I’ll be sharing will be based on the 3 years when this site evolved into a travel blog as tracing as far as 8 years would be too tedious and embarrassing on my end – I’m done with the ‘I-hate-the-world-and-it-hates-me-too’ crap. haha.

My 7 Links: Revisiting Old Blog Entries

My most beautiful post:Malapascua Island: A Silent Killer

This was an entry for a blog carnival themed Most Romantic Places in the Philippines. Beautiful not only because of the place, but this is one of the rarest occasion wherein I shared a topic that I don’t write about and at a point, made me become vulnerable. Next topic please.

Malapascua Island sunrise
beautiful sunrise in Malapascua Island

My most popular post: Skywalk Cebu Adventure!

Being one of the first few people to write about the Skywalk Cebu Adventure in Crown Regency Suites, Cebu, it became friendly to search engine results. This is the blog post that has the most number of views.

Skywalk Cebu Adventure
I preferred the Edge Coaster Adventure Cebu! experience

My most controversial post: I’m a Travel Blogger, But…

I’m not sure if this is really controversial but there are those that take blogging seriously. Like AJ, I also stay away from placing controversial posts because blogging for me is a way to express myself in order to release stress and not attract some. So what is a travel blogger? I confessed and bared my thoughts on things that make me less of being called one.

Bangkok Map lost
looking for car hire in Bangkok… NOT

My most helpful post: Tips and Things to Know about Siem Reap, Cambodia

I’ve written a number of helpful blog articles but this one stood out among the rest. This is for the reason that I got sick and had to take a break from blogging after completing the series.

This is a summarized compilation of articles (totaling 20 in all) about Siem Reap, Cambodia when we visited the place last January this year. Funny how only 3 days of exploration took me 3 months to complete it.

fake Apsara Dance
this fake Apsara dance was not the reason I got sick, FYI.

A post whose success surprised me: I’ve Been to Different Places, But I’ve Never Been to Boracay

I won a free trip to Boracay because of this blog post. I also met other bloggers along the way and made me build connections – I was too shy to mingle in the blogosphere  community back then.

Aside from winning the contest, this helped me focus on creating a concept in every article that I write to help me highlight a particular theme that happens during my travels.

Camsur Watersports Complex CWC
dragged by a cable wire in Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC)

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: Enchanted Kingdom Blues

I wrote about how my second attempt at visiting Enchanted Kingdom (EK) left a bitter taste in my mouth. It turned out that the theme park was closed as a telecommunications company celebrated their ‘Family Day’ there.

Now what caused this to be a post that didn’t get the attention it deserved? After posting this, the Head of the Guest Relations commented on the blog entry, informing me of a treat that awaited if ever I could drop by Manila again. Luckily, I did drop by after two weeks and after a few emails, I finally experienced the ‘magic’ of EK. I feel like I’ve never gotten to thank them enough that’s why I’m reposting it here.

This is part two of that blog post wherein I finally entered EK: Free Tickets to Enchanted Kingdom!

Enchanted Kingdom
bitter no more 😀

The post that I am most proud of: How to Travel to 4 Countries and 8 Local Destinations within 8 Months

…and still maintain your full-time job. More than the blog article, I’m proud of the thought that I was able to achieve the feat of travelling to these many places at a short period of time. I wish to recreate or surpass this one in the near future though.

I kept my full-time job in the process

This was a fun recollection. I am passing this chain to five fellow travel bloggers from the South. Hope to read their write-ups soon.

Doi of
Edwin of
George and Izzy of
Sinjin of
Edcel and Sheena of ]]>

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27 thoughts on “My 7 Links: Revisiting Old Blog Entries”

  1. Your Cambodia series is all I need to read for guidance on my planned trip there hopefully before the year ends or early 2012. It was very helpful post.

  2. kakatuwa basahin ang mga contributions ng mga travel bloggers. so far ive read that of chyng and gay.
    napabasa ako sa malapascua. ganda nga. di pa ako nakapunta dun. 3years na nasa plano kasi may kaibigan akong may resort.

  3. Whoa – luvin' your description. Word slayer! Feeling ko super-macho ako with a huge…um…sword about to stab the heart of a fire-breathing dragon. Ay wait, dragon slayer pala yun. 😀
    But why would you need tissue to wipe your nose? Nosebleed ba mashado ang blog-blagan ko? Hahaha intawon.
    Thanks for taking part in this project (good thing you mentioned the origin of My 7 Links, nakalimutan ko i-mention sa post ko, tsk tsk). To be honest, you're my blog icon. Your writing, photos, adventurous spirit, earning power from your blogs, and of course, your headstands. Kaw na talaga. You already really!
    I'll revisit your links I've already read, but not before checking that controversial post. Di ko pa yata nabasa yan. 🙂

  4. @pinaytraveljunkie: sana lahat ng travel bloggers ma-nonominate. kakalat din toh at ansaya when we read through these posts. we get to know the blogger even more 😀

    @marky: wow, that's very soon. gud luck sa byahe marky! 

    @chyng: haha, that's thanks to the bloggers who also helped and paved way for us to stay in budget-friendly places! pero iba pa rin talaga ang SEA series na naka trolly bag, chyng! 😀

    @dong ho: onga, kasi we can really relate sa mga pinagpaguran nating mga pagsusulat. 😀 also read their lists at ansaya. hehe. punta ka na ng malapascua dong!

    @astrid: thanks a lot! hope to write more stories. I forgot I've so many backlogs so more stories to come. 😀

    @AJ: haha, lol about the fire-breathing dragon. haha. It's all good AJ, at least I can also practice my vocabulary. they truly inspire me to develop my writing skills. 

    Thanks for nominating me! This is really a nice way to share our old stories. 😀 wow ICON talaga? hahaha. anlaking responsibilidad ah. haha. Nabasa mo na yung controversial post. it's the one with Babajee (not sure of the spelling. haha).

    @lakwatsera de primera: Thanks claire! minsang lang tayo nakakapag-emo uli. haha

  5. @supertikoy: haha, salamat nang marami for reading jerome! 😀

    @pusangkalye: kasalanan toh ng Tripbase. haha. gawin mo na toh anton! 😀

    @the wandering couple: ok gyapon ni. it's been awhile since I did a meme but I'm glad this is something relevant. 😀 backlogs na! haha

  6. yeah you're right..  I really thought you're a solo traveler. Got me there hihihI! Anyway, saludo ako sa mga entries na to. Uber nakakarelate. Pareho tayo dun sa "I've never been to Boracay.." portion. Naaliw ako sa pagtravel mo sa 4 countries .. Something you should be proud of talaga. Gumana ang imagination ko sa paggawa ng scheduled SICK leave. hahah! Ambilis kasi maubos ng VL ko e. 
    Pero yung EK entry mo ang the best… Maglagay din kaya ako ng entry na hindi ako natuloy sa Batanes dahil sa mga nuknukan ng daming imbentong dahilan.. may mahahabag kaya? hahahah! Kidding! Fan mo na ko talaga… ^____^

  7. @kura: haha, dami nang nabiktima sa 'solo' ng domain ko. pero ok lang. thanks for reading them! haha. wag yung sick leave lol. pero really, sa 5 taon ko sa company, I've never gone SL. hehe 😀 and yung Batanes, naman! haha. thanks for reading my entries kura! really appreciate it! 😀

    @ian: thanks. hope you enjoy reading them! 😀

    @tripper10: haha, salamat! pictures na lang sa Skywalk. di masyado maganda pagkasulat ko nun. hehe 😀

  8. ayos 'tong mga post mo Ed 🙂 nakakaaliw, lalo na yung "I'm a travel blogger but"..
    Gagawa na din ako ng I've been to Different Places but not in Boracay.
    at naawa tlga ako sayo dun sa EK post 🙁

  9. @Steve: thanks steve. hope you can check out the rest of the posts!

    @batanglakwatsero:  thanks Ivan. emo emo pa kasi ako nun. haha. pero re: EK ok pa rin, i got a free pass so all ended well! 😀

    @nomadicpinoy: haha indeed. lol. daming natuwa sa fake apsara dance! lol.


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