thinking of buying a laptop

Aside, from planning to buy a camera, I want to buy my own laptop. Sure, I already do have a desktop computer at the boarding house which I like to use a lot as it gives me tons of opportunities to do. But sometimes, because of wanting to always get something better, I figured I should go for a laptop. I want one so I can maximize my time because I can carry it with me wherever I go. I can just head to the nearest coffee shop and click on that Wifi connection to log in and earn extra moolah online. Besides, my brother and I share the computer so it’s sometimes hard to disturb each other’s work.

That’s why I’m scouting for some good laptop buys I can find anywhere. According to Robert Kiyosaki, any education is better than none. So any resource I can find to know more information about the best and most affordable specs out there, I try my best to read. My friend already bought a laptop so it would also be nice if I accompany her at times.

Shopwiki has this great feature of searching for different types of products online. At least it’s a one-stop shop for finding the type of gift for myself. I’m thinking of getting an HP but we’ll see what goes on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see some results in less than a month. I’m crossing my fingers too.

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2 thoughts on “thinking of buying a laptop”

  1. lols. link assignment? hehe. Anyway, I bought a Dell Laptop not so long ago and it just gave me this morning a headache. It won’t boot up. So, I had to go back in using my desktop for the mean time.



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