Seeing Gold & Blue at the Venetian Hotel in Macau

One of the places that left me in awe when I visited Macau two years ago was the Venetian Hotel. This was a great start of our sight-seeing tour since it was a gloomy day and I was feeling down under the weather.

Venetian Macao

ceiling venetian macau

I didn’t expect much about this hotel. It seemed just okay from afar. Our guide told us to check this place out since this is a great place to start the day.

venetian macao
Venetian Macau

When we arrived at the hotel, I already saw a lot of people even if it was just at the lobby. I wondered what the commotion was all about until I had to find that out for myself.

lobby hotel venetian
Venetian hotel lobby

I realized that everybody was taking turns to have their photos taken. I could also see why.

Seeing Gold at the Venetian Hotel

It was a grand hallway and all I could see was gold. The way the building was lighted complemented the beauty of the paintings and the murals in the area. I immediately asked my companions to take my photo, too.

hotel venetian
all smiles now

My mood changed (mood swings? hehe) and I felt a lot better when I saw these golden structures. I felt like some rich hotshot just because I walking along this beautiful hallway.

statue venetian hotel hallway venetian hotel
golden hallway

But the feeling quickly subsided when we passed by the casino area and I couldn’t do much but just observe since I didn’t have extra funds available. They say that if it’s your first time to play in a casino, lady luck isn’t far behind. But I’d like to use my money elsewhere. 🙂

venetia casino
casino tables down below

The paintings were beautiful and the ambiance was a feast for the eyes. To think this was still the first stop of the day.

murals venetian

Blue Skies and Gondolas

Aside from the golden hallway, when you walk a little further, you will be greeted by blue-sky ceilings and gondolas on water. I forgot how much the charge for the gondola rides were. This was another moment where I was left speechless because it felt like we were in Venice, Italy.

gondola italy venetia
outside in?

With how it was built, it seemed like we were really outside. Only this time, the sky didn’t change and it’s always a “nice weather”.

Shops and restaurants are also available if you want to dine in (or if you want to feel like dining out). Since we already had breakfast, we proceeded to our next attraction.

hallway venetian macao venetian macau

I usually shout in excitement whenever I visit a place for the first time. I’d mention the name of the location where I’m at and I thank the heavens for letting me reach my destination in one piece.

macao venetian hotel
last look

Venice-Inspired Design

I’ve never been to Venice but the design of the hotel gave me a glimpse of what it might be like to be in the city of Italy. With lamp posts and gondola transports around, plus the beautiful architecture, you can sense that you are actually in Venice. If ever I’ll be in that city in the future and I’ll be looking for Venice hotels, I’d want to book an accommodation even just for a day. I’m not certain if you can find other Venetian hotels in this region. But I guess this is the closest one you can get if you’re on this side of the globe. You can just drop by Macau to get a taste of Italy in Asia.

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  1. Venetian Macau must be one of the must-see and must-visit attraction in Macau because of its marvelous architectural wonder and of course casinos! Casino must be cheaper in Macau (maybe cheaper to operate for owners and cheaper to spend a bet for casino patrons) that's why no wonder its thriving in that region.


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