Your Suitcase, My Backpack

I arrived in Ho Chi Minh and saw you at the lobby while you were reading your book. You were waiting for me and your eyes showed how tired you were after your flight from Singapore. I just came from a stressful day myself and almost never made it passed the immigration in Manila.

But we showed up and we finally saw each other after a year and a half. That was all that mattered.

mui ne sand dune
White Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Vietnam and Cambodia, we gave ourselves a week of pure vacation and we made sure to find time for this quick respite despite our busy schedules.

The sand dunes and the fishing village in Mui Ne, the temples of Angkor Wat, the night life in Siem Reap. All of them were great backdrops as we rediscovered each other. I wanted time to stop so we could bask in those moments longer.

sunset mui ne
Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Whether the heat turned on in Saigon or we were in the mood for love in Angkor Wat, everything seemed to flow naturally. There may have been a sudden turn of events yet we’ve both been waiting for this moment for so long.

For the first time in my life, a 14-hour bus ride doesn’t seem lonely anymore. Sunsets are so much better when I have a hand to hold, especially now when it’s yours I’m holding. I don’t have to experience a thrilling adventure and rejoice by myself because I have you with me.

sun mui ne
Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam

I remember a few years back how we discussed our desire to travel. We were stuck at work which according to you was “for the lack of a better option”. We were using the office as a temporary resting place, until we found something more fulfilling to do with our lives.

Because as much as we loved Cebu, it was getting too small for us. We wanted to get out. Now you have your suitcase and you travel by plane. Now I have my backpack and I travel by land. Who knew that our paths would cross again?

Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Spending Vietnam and Cambodia with you made all the waiting so worth it; more than you’ll ever know. I finally gave myself the chance to fall, but I’m really lucky that you’re still here after all these years.

How the universe brought two lost souls together is amazing. I took you out on a date but I got more in return. It made me realize that I shouldn’t lose hope; love exists and it patiently waits.

cambodia hands
Pub Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Your suitcase and my backpack, let’s leave our footprints wherever we may go. Long distance may be a tough one to crack, but we’ll make it work. I can’t wait for the days when you’ll be in my arms again. This is a journey that’s new to me but know that I commit myself to you. So hold my hand, hold on tight. Cause I won’t let you go.





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  1. Naku, naiiyak ako sa kilig dito while reading every word 😀 I'm happy for you Edcel na finally weee eto na. Pinagbigyan mo na ang puso mong mag-take risk at magmahal <3 Corny pero wah naka-witness kasi ako ng pasimpleng sweet moments niyo sa SR 😀 Keep the love alive and for sure malayo ang mararating niyo – literally and figuratively 😀

  2. @Eric: haha, sobra pa sir!

    @Micamyx: eto na yung post ko Mica. hehe 😀 thanks, corny nga pero thanks din for making her feel comfortable dun sa mga meet-ups! 

    @Ken: haha, thanks Ken!

    @carla: tuara! hapit na April! dal-a nya si James and mangita sad ko diri para kay doi. hehe

    @mervz: hahaha. 

    @nathalie: thanks nath!

    @dong ho: saya nga talaga dom.

    @joey: thanks joey! thanks for reading.

  3. i dropped by yur site and checked whats the latest.
    eto pala madadatnan ko. heheh! nakakakilig. omg.
    keep the love alive! congrats and goodluck Ed! **crossed fingers.

  4. I'm sure this is only the first of many posts about this new found happiness hehe! Send my regards to her! Maybe we'll see each other and hang-out again soon hehe!

  5. @eileen: haha. thanks eileen! hope to talk with you and lois soon, para mapalaganap ang ating mga negosyo (na wala pa sa ngayon. hehe)

    @rain: haha, she's from zamboanga. lamat rain. 🙂

    @melvin: haha. masaya talaga.

    @rachelle: thanks rachelle!

    @drew: eto na yun. mamaya na yung ibang entries. bawas backlog na naman. hehe.

    @sinjin thelibotero: thanks sinjin! haha. glad you got inspired too. 😀

    @mier: wow, mier. cry jud? — mao ingon ni jana. hehe. thanks mier! congrats on the new site!

    @chyng: hi chyng, salamat. mabuti nga't di ito kathang-isip lamang (naks, kathang-isip) hehe.

    @journeys and travels: punta ka dun next time doc!

    @joey: hahaha. not planning to divulge too much. ngayon lang siguro ito joey. hehe

    @darwin: haha. thanks for reading darwin!

  6. @flipnomad: ey Flip, it's also a pleasure meeting you guys! very glad you made us feel welcomed! thanks for the talks about life, travelling and blogging! see you on the road!

  7. @dreamingofed: thanks for reading! 😀

    @kura: hahaha, hablot talaga? sa daan pa! hahaha, kakatawa talaga mga hirit mo kura. 🙂

    @mich: ey mich! thanks! inlab lang talaga 😀

    @tina: hi tina! hope you can meet her soon! 😀

    @dylan: finally nga! salamat! 🙂

  8. @May: Hi May, you need to travel by bus from HCMC to Mui Ne. And then you can just get a package tour there in Mui Ne from your guesthouse. We paid 35 USD each for a 4×4 to take us to the different spots. But you can hire a motorbike (with driver) for only 10 USD though the motorcycle is a bit hot. 

    Travel from HCMC to Mui Ne is around 5 hours, 14 USD is the fare (back and forth) and it was our guesthouse in HCMC that arranged everything for us. You may want to check out my friend Nathalie's post about her trip in Vietnam. Here posts were my references for this trip. Here's her blog:

  9. shocks, huli ako sa balita! thought i read all the blog carnival entries, why i missed yours of all posts. good thing Mica hinted the love affair in her post on Siem Reap haha. super kilig and in love.

  10. Pwede ka super like?..eeeeeeh..gikilig ko..I'll wait for that day when I can hold someone's hand & smile like an idiot while mag tour2x na lang..hehehehehehehehehe..Thumbs up! really do portray your emotions on your blog..ana jud cguro ang difference..nahan jud ko mug sigi basa kuya..nkaka.nspire..


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