Zamboanga Trip: Gorgeous Merloquet Falls

The day before I left Zamboanga, I was able to visit the gorgeous Merloquet Waterfalls in Barangay Sibulao. This was one of the main highlights during my trip to this side of Mindanao known as Asia’s Latin Cty.

Merloquet Waterfalls in Zamboanga
December 9, 2012

merloket falls
Merloquet Falls in Zamboanga

I initially thought there were only two of us going to Merloquet. Jana and I were planning to take a bus to the junction, and then hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) to the falls. Fortunately, Jana’s family also expressed interest. We hired a jeepney from the city to the destination instead.

The 2-hour trip to the junction was a scenic route of plantation fields and mountains. I also noticed that there were many Philippine National Police (PNP) checkpoints for security reasons.

road to merloquet zamboanga
riding a jeepney

trek to merloquet falls
going down

Weeks before, I was already scanning blogs about places to visit in Zamboanga City. I was happily led to a post by Kara of and when I saw her pictures, I immediately marked it as one of the must-see places I’d check out in Zamboanga.

After paying the entrance fees, we made a 15-minute hike to the falls. A few cottages were already set up on the side. I read that they didn’t have these before.

merloket falls zamboanga
uncovering Merloquet Waterfall

zamboanga merloket falls

What was supposed to be a couple’s date turned out to be a short family retreat (16 people, including our two guides). I’m a product of weekend family getaways so it’s always great to let children experience natural adventures like these while they’re young. The more the many-er! hehe.

The cascading water on the rocks looked stunning that the time spent relaxing there didn’t seem enough.

waterfalls merloquet
didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much

merloquet waterfalls zamboanga

The Merloquet Waterfalls is subdivided into two; the lower level falls (bigger falls) with an estimated height of 10m and a width of 13m. The upper level falls (just above the lower falls) has an estimated height of 5 m and a width of 8m. – Zamboanga Times

I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much. You can simply pick a spot among many areas and take a shower or get a natural massage. Very relaxing indeed!

zamboanga merloquette
enjoying the water of Merloket

merloquet waterfalls
beautiful cascades

Tip: To go near the waterfalls, there’s a path on the left side. The rocks are covered with moss that it’s dangerously slippery so be careful!

After awhile, Benson & Susette (our tour guides) assisted us as we climbed to the second waterfalls. We left the children on the first waterfalls as it takes a bit of skill. You only have a rope and some roots to hold on as you make your way to the higher tier.

climbing to the second waterfall

merloquet falls
holding on

We reached the second waterfalls and I found out it wasn’t as grand as the first one. However, the water is deeper so you can swim to your heart’s content.

For the more adventurous, you can climb and jump from a high point; just be careful as it’s still slippery.

zamboanga merloquet
second falls of Merloquet

merloquette falls jump
I was up there, ready to jump.

I was reminded of the time that I slipped and hit my head on a rock in Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada that after finding out the height where I was supposed to jump, I backed out and went to a lower platform instead.

We were running out of time so we had to go back to the first level to enjoy a few more dips. “Look at this tree, this was caused by supertyphoon Pablo.” Benson said.

merloquette falls
a tree that was uprooted due to typhoon Pablo

merloquet 2nd falls
The Walking Dead. hehe
Merloket Falls

Heading back to the entrance, I realized the climb was more difficult than I thought; and it was due to the rain that occurred earlier. It made the trek harder that I resorted to walking barefoot as my rubber slippers were already sticking to the mud. The trek took about 30 minutes; took twice as long.

On the way back to the jeepney, we stopped by a sari-sari store selling softdrinks. We also took the opportunity to wash our feet from the muddy trek. That’s when we found out that Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Marquez in his latest fight. I realized it was a Sunday after all.

feet trek zamboanga
slippers to barefoot

merloket waterfalls
trek back to the jeepney

I highly recommend you visit this natural adventure in Zamboanga. It’s one of the best falls I’ve seen for quite a while. Better if you spend a whole day for the trip to have more time in the waterfalls. Also, bring your own lunch/snacks as there are no stores available there. Don’t forget to keep your trash!

Merloquet Waterfalls in Zamboanga
Entrance Fee: 5 Php
Motorcycles Parking Fee: 10 Php
Four Wheels Parking Fee: 20 Php

merloquet falls zamboanga
si kuya, kever. hehe


merloquet falls tour guide

Thank you to husband and wife Benson & Susette for helping us during our trek to this amazing waterfalls. They’re a mountaineer couple who sideline as guides in Zamboanga.

Guide: Couple Benson & Susette
Contact Number: 09082495107



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  2. I agree that it's one of the best falls! And, barefoot trekking to Merloquet Waterfalls is fun! 🙂 It was raining for some of the time we were there, and we walked barefoot going to and back. 


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