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I spent 9 days in Zamboanga City. I visited my girlfriend’s hometown and also toured the area in the process. I was a little worried in the beginning because I left on the day that Typhoon Pablo entered the Philippines. However, Zamboanga was one of the few destinations where scheduled flights still pushed through.

For the sake of having a new blog post, here are a few highlights about this trip. I’ll be writing more detailed accounts about these places soon.

Zamboanga City Highlights: Things to Do, Places to Visit
December 2-10, 2012

zamboanga airport
Zamboanga International Airport

Sta. Cruz Pink Island

I read about the Sta. Cruz Island (also known as Pink Island of Zamboanga) through Chyng’s blog post. The island is called such because of the crushed red corals that have sort of “mixed” with the white sand. We were also escorted by an armed soldier for security purposes.

Blog post here: Picnic at Sta. Cruz Island aka Pink Island

sta cruz pink island zambonga
Sta. Cruz Island aka Pink Island

Gorgeous Merloquet Falls

I learned about this gorgeous falls when I dropped by Kara’s blog. After seeing the photos, I knew I wanted to visit the place. The cascading water on the rocks looked stunning that the time spent relaxing there didn’t seem enough.

Guide: Couple Benson & Susette
Contact Number: 09082495107

Blog Post here: Gorgeous Merloquet Falls

merloquette falls zamboanga
Merloquet Falls

Food Trip in Zamboanga

Curacha Crab Alavar Sauce, Jimmy’s Satti Snack, Cakes at Myrna’s Bake House, and Knicker Bocker Delight at Paseo Del Mar. Don’t miss out on these items when you drop by Zamboanga!

Blog post here: Zamboanga City Food Trip

Zamboanga City Food Trip!

Historic Fort Pilar Shrine

Fort Pilar is a major historic landmark of Zamboanga and the stone fort was built in defense against pirates and raiders of the sultans of Mindanao and Jolo. – Fort Pilar | Zamboanga

An open air mass ceremony is held in this outdoor shrine.

Blog Post Here: Zamboanga Trip: Pasonanca Tour, Fort Pilar, Paseo del Mar and City Hall

fort pilar zamboanga
Fort Pilar

Cool Pasonanca Park

Strolled around Pasonanca Park. It was a cool place to spend the afternoon and to beat the heat of Zamboanga City.

Blog Post Here: Zamboanga Trip: Pasonanca Tour, Fort Pilar, Paseo del Mar and City Hall

pasonanca park zamboanga
Boy Scouts Teepees Pasonanca Park

The things I did and the places I visited may not be as many considering that I was in this city for nine days. But I like the fact that I didn’t have to rush going to as many tourist spots.

How nice is it that I used to read blogs about Zamboanga and I’ve been able to experience being in these places that other bloggers have written about. Thanks Chyng, Mervz, and Kara! Thanks as well to Jana for being a personal tour guide who mostly arranged the trips since I’m not very fond of planning. hehe


This trip was made possible by Airphil Express. Airphil Express flies from Cebu to Zamboanga every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Airphil Express also flies to Zamboanga from Manila, Davao, Jolo, and Tawi-Tawi.

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  • hi Ed, how nice naman. Your gf can speak chavacano. That's the most hardcore dialect! It sounds so good no? Kainggit sila! ^_^

  • Chyng: ey chyng! yep, nosebleed nga parati. onga. parang nag-aaway lang. hahaha

  • Yay gusto ko rin mag-Zamboanga! Hopefully next year 😀 Una kong naiiisip is Foodtrip kung Zamboanga. Nakapunta na mama ko dyan dati dami daw seafood na malalaki hehe

  • @Micamyx: haha. yep. don't forget ang mga seafood. and marang. haha. fruits are also very cheap here! sarap! 

  • Roberto

    hi Ed! were you in Ayala Cebu yesterday? Sbarro in particular?

  • "The things I did and the places I visited may not be as many considering that I was in this city for nine days. But I like the fact that I didn’t have to rush going to as many tourist spots." –> I agree! I still appreciate packed itineraries from time to time, but nothing beats slow travel. Makes you really feel and experience the place. 🙂

  • @Roberto: yes, i was 🙂

    @Claire: I'm usually lazy that's why I'm an 'anything goes' kind of person. hehe. thanks for dropping by claire! 🙂

  • I've been a lurker of some travel blogs for some time already, including yours, and I have just recently started breaking that "lurking" pattern. 🙂 Looking forward to more new posts from you! 🙂

  • @Claire: thanks claire! hope to finish writing the backlogs! it was nice meeting you at the blogfest in Siem Reap! 🙂

  • Roberto

    i knew it! should have taken a picture with you..tsk
    anyway, been lurking on your blog as well..this will definitely help me on my plans to travel this year <fingers crossed> 🙂 Thanks for the posts. 🙂

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