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Just one quick post, it's 1:30 am and I'm here in Bacolod! I'm staying in Circle Inn. It's been two days already and hopefully it won't rain tomorrow as we'll be going to the beach. It's an island called Lakawon island which is I think the only island that has a good beach that's available.

I don't really know much; just that I've been to Robinsons and SM City. Robinsons is still the same place that I've been to when I was able to live here in high school for a semester. As for SM, it wasn't constructed yet. When I checked the place out, it has the form of the letter "H" which I find its structure weird and a bit costly. I can't explain it very clearly but I know that they could've used the space in the hallway for more stalls and stores for maximization.

Anyway, I'm not Henry Sy; and I don't know who's in charge of it, but I'm just glad I saw something new to the regular boxed-typed SM. I'm off to sleep now cause I'm dead-tired. Haven't been able to rest much.

Sorry if I can't visit the sites of the people who dropped by. I'm a bit busy as I'm typing this fast cause I don't want to exceed the hourly rate since it's quite costly, knowing that the keyboard is stained and dusty (60 bucks an hour is too much). I'll be replying to those comments and shout-outs when I get back to Cebu. Byers!

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