Mang Inasal

 One Sunday evening, I went to the office for some overtime work (yeah, yeah, pathetic me working on a day off). Anyway, Doi and I were talking about different matters until it came to a point when I asked her if she was able to save some money when she was in Bacolod for some … Read more


While still at Robinsons Bacolod, my friend couldn’t wait taking me to this place called Calea which sells cakes and pastries at very, very AFFORDABLE prices! Honestly at first, I didn’t find anything exciting with cake shops. I eat cakes, but not that much, I’m more of an ice cream person. But still I wouldn’t … Read more


Quantum, I love this place that I had to create an entry just for this. —- When I got back to Bacolod, one of the places I really wanted to see again was Quantum. I spent the first half of my freshman year in high school here, and Robinsons was still the only “mall” available. … Read more

Bacolod day 3: Lakawon island

Bacolod 3: Lakawon Island Sunday, April 26, 2008 Last day. Lakawon island. This was the day of the visit I was anticipating because we were going to the beach (again? haha). Woke up early and ate breakfast. Good thing we had a ride available to bring us to the place. It took around an hour … Read more

Bacolod 2: Palmas del mar & Panaad Festival

Bacolod 2: Palmas del Mar and Panaad Park Saturday, April 25, 2008 Woke up early to go to Palmas del Mar because my friend's class was having a get-together there to just bond. Well, since it's for free, I didn't mind tagging along. hehe.I didn't really like the pool, just because I'm more into beaches … Read more

Bacolod: day 1

Bacolod 1: SM City, Robinsons, Manokan Country Friday, April 24, 2008 Went to Citilink (terminal for vans for hire) and whaddya know? When I got there, it only took a couple of minutes to load the van since I was the one lacking to make it full. Perfect timing. Cebu to Toledo (van): 80 Php – 5:00am – … Read more

just got back from Bacolod

Just got home from an 8 hour-trip from Bacolod to Cebu. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Took a bus from the Bacolod North Bus Terminal at 1:15 am, and now it's already 9:15 am. Wow, I could've finished a day's worth of work in that span of time. At least I got home safe, it was raining most of … Read more

a quick post

Just one quick post, it's 1:30 am and I'm here in Bacolod! I'm staying in Circle Inn. It's been two days already and hopefully it won't rain tomorrow as we'll be going to the beach. It's an island called Lakawon island which is I think the only island that has a good beach that's available. … Read more

To Bacolod!

So I'm trying to update whatever I can update; since over the next weekend, I'll be off to Bacolod. I don't know if I'm even prepared already. I know I shouldn't pack much, since I'll be back on Monday anyway. I just need to make sure that I have my toiletries, some clothes, and my … Read more

directions from Cebu to Bacolod

Terminal in Citilink to Toledo City –> van (v-hire) Toledo City to San Carlos City –> fast craft San Carlos City port to the San Carlos City terminal – tricycle San Carlos City to Bacolod City –> van — these are probably all the directions I need in order to arrive in Bacolod from Cebu. … Read more

Bacolod then

So Dumaguete is postponed, but Bacolod isn't. I'm preparing myself to go to Bacolod this Friday, since I'll also be on leave by then. Hopefully, everything will turn out fine. I've been to Bacolod before, but I'm wondering what I'm going to do there when I arrive. In the mean time, I've been trying to … Read more

An invitation to Dumaguete and Bacolod

My two colleagues at work invited me to go to Bacolod over the weekend. They're actually there because of training in their new account. Anyway, they called up one Sunday morning as I was cleaning the bathroom; saying I should go to Dumaguete and tour them around there, and then proceed to Bacolod. I'm not … Read more