To Bacolod!

So I'm trying to update whatever I can update; since over the next weekend, I'll be off to Bacolod. I don't know if I'm even prepared already. I know I shouldn't pack much, since I'll be back on Monday anyway. I just need to make sure that I have my toiletries, some clothes, and my camera. I'm charging my extra battery now just to be sure. Oh, never forget the money.

Going to Bacolod. I really don't know why I'm going there. Two of my colleagues were the ones who invited me to visit them over the weekend. They told me they'd pay for my fare going there, plus I don't have to worry about lodging as I can just sleep on the inns that the company assigned them to.

Cebu to Bacolod. Haha. I can't believe I'll be going there without even giving it another thought. Right now, I don't plan to sleep so I can utilize the travel time for it. I don't like traveling, but I travel a lot. Really, I don't like the waiting part. But as what afriend said "It's also nice to travel for how many hours. Because when you reach your destination, you'll realize how far you've come from where you've been. You'll soon feel that after that long wait, it's all worth it because you've earned it." I didn't think a comment like that would turn out to be deep.

Anyway, she was referring to a person climbing a mountain; when you reach the peak, you'd forget the problems you've come across along the way. The only issue with my case is that I haven't climbed a mountain nor will I be climbing one. I'll be stuck in some public vehicle, hoping I wouldn't puke in the process because of getting nauseous easily. I'm still excited though, I just need somebody to pass me some placebos.

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3 thoughts on “To Bacolod!”

  1. lourie: haha, we’ll try to upload them. already updated my links! 🙂

    kent: bai, thanks for dropping by. i spent around 450 Php. i’ll post how i got there as soon as i can.


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