Thinking of Exploring Bandung, Indonesia

We went to Bali, Indonesia early this year and had a good time enjoying a week of beach, shopping, relaxation and party. Our visit was a laidback vacation that I wondered when we would be visiting this place again. On another note, I’m wondering if it would be good to visit other places in Indonesia such as Bandung and is the 3rd largest city of this country.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of the place until I stumbled upon information during a travel market expo. I was visiting a booth about Indonesia tourism and saw got some more insights about this destination.

Bandung is a city that is surrounded by volcanoes and lies on a river basin. It is situated on a higher elevation which makes the climate cooler compared to other cities. In my mind, I would think of Sagada or Baguio in my home country.

tea plantation bandung

photo credit: Florian Kreitmair

Based on our current residence, it will take 2 flights for us to travel to Bandung from Dubai. It may be a bit far from our place, but maybe making a sidetrip to Bandung so we can explore other places other than Bali might not be such a bad idea.

Booking a budget-friendly accommodation would be one of the things I would think about as we won’t be really staying in a hotel as much. We’ll spend more time outdoors and just need a place to crash when we’re tired from the day’s trip. seems to have plenty of options for reserving a place. This stevie g hotel in Jl. Sersan Bajuri looks like a good hotel to check in. But definitely, we will explore areas such as tea plantations, trekking volcanoes, eating local food, and just have a nice and stress-free holiday.

volcano bandung indonesia

photo credit: ann_espino

Though I haven’t heard much of Bandung, checking photos and reading travel stories online makes it a destination worth visiting. This is also a nice place if you want to go to places in Indonesia with lesser tourists compared to its more popular areas like Jakarta and Bali. But this doesn’t make it a less of a destination for the curious traveler.

I like the fact that my UAE Dirhams has a higher value so when visiting an Asian destination, I can maximize my money for the vacation without really spending much. I still try to travel with my wife on a budget, but I wouldn’t mind spending a little more so long as I get my money’s worth.

bandung indonesia food

photo credit: amrufm

Thinking about cheap but delicious local Indonesian food, having relaxing massages, going on a trekking adventure, seeing plenty of greenery, shopping for good finds in local markets, etc. – these ‘things to do’ is making me want to visit Asian destinations after having lived in the desert city for three years now.

I feel that going on another trip will be happening very soon and I hope to visit as many places such as this as it gives me the best value for my money.

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3 thoughts on “Thinking of Exploring Bandung, Indonesia”

  1. Went here last year. 2.5hrs away lang to from Jakarta, depende sa traffic. Aside sa lami mag shopping diri (daghan outlet shops sa downtown Bandung), lingaw mag sightseeing sa crater ng Tangkuban Parahu. 🙂

  2. This place is still in my bucket list. I have seen and read stories of some bloggers, including Renz, and I can’t wait to experience the same 🙂

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