View from our Hotel Window in Petra, Jordan

We just arrived in Petra on a 4-hour road trip from Amman and we needed to get some shut-eye before our Petra by Night Tour to see The Treasury. The room in our hotel (Petra Moon Hotel – Book Here) was good. What made it even better was the view outside.

Petra, Jordan
November 2015

petra moon hotel window

sliding the window

My wife took a short nap while I was wide awake admiring the scene from our hotel window. After taking a peek outside, I had to see it in full view.

houses on petra jordan

view outside – houses on hills

It took some time for me to settle in. I was tired but restless. I was glad to have this view and feel the cold temperature on my skin.

I couldn’t help but reflect and be thankful. It’s been a long while that I was able to ride a plane and travel for travel.

hills in petra jordan

Petra – Jordan

It was only a few minutes left before our call time for the night tour. But in those few minutes, I just had to get lost and stare in the sea of lights from houses on those hills.

jordan petra blur


Pardon this seemingly trivial post. When you’ve had 3 months of hot summer in the flat city of Dubai, you will appreciate simple things like uneven land and the cool breeze.

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Petra is about a 4-hour drive from Amman airport. We hired a driver/tour guide that took us to different places in Jordan. Our driver’s name is Mohamad – You can check out his Facebook Page North Jordan Tour, call him at 00962796475086 or send an email to

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