BIR 2316 ITR

I just got home from too much walking downtown. My main agenda was to go the City Hall so I can file for a cedula so I can update my BIR 2316 file, so I can apply for a loan, so I can help at home. Phew… I was wondering if I should declare my last year's salary or not because if I do, then I'd pay a lot more compared to around 20 pesos or so if I say that I'm still unemployed.

Colleagues would say that it doesn't matter if you pay just the minimum amount because all that matters is that you have a receipt number. They even added that we're already paying so much every payday just for taxes and we don't get to see the money that we're paying. They told me to stop being such a law-abiding citizen and think of the money that's been filled in dirty pockets.

It had me thinking a bit. But when I got to the City Hall, I just proceeded to giving what is supposed to be the proper amount. The clerk even gave a comment that my salary is bigger than hers. I told her it's already because I work in a call center. She was computing the actual amount I needed to contribute, plus some processing fees and a 12 percent interest for I-don't-know-what. All the while at the back of my mind, I was wishing it would just amount to a hundred bucks or so; which is the what I paid last year. However, I paid 300 for it… sheesh. Anyway, that's done. I hope that the loan I'm applying will get approved. I'll be working on my passport application sometime next week.

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