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I didn’t notice that the original header of this site didn’t show up. I searched for the problem and my ripway account had some issues. Because I was lazy, I just took a picture I intentionally created for the header of my multiply account alone and used it for this site.

I changed my header into something with more color. But I dunno, I think it’s too big. I’ll settle for this until I can find another picture with lesser hues. I’m such a minimalist when it comes to blogging. Too much color doesn’t do for me. Probably because the entries compensate for the lack of tone in my life? Nah. Maybe I’ll bring back the old one. But it may take some time, I had to make do with whatever CSS skill I have. Now my eyes are straining from looking for the proper code and pixel size for the margins.

This site is more of a traveler’s blog more than anything else now; showcasing different adventures I’ve been to with different people. It also includes some food trips here in Cebu. People I go out with usually understand (though they find the act weird at first) that I take a lot of photos of their food. That is, before I explain to them why the sudden lack of manners. I tell them it’s for this blog and after providing some more information about online money and generating traffic and earning while blogging, they seem to empathize (haha, empathize, what a word) with the situation.

I still do blog about personal stuffs, but not a lot in here. I have another blog created for such, though I’m still earning some income out of it. I wonder if I have a personality disorder of some sort. Anyway, I’ll figure it out next time. More Dumaguete pictures to come.

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